Marble top table and velvet chairs at IMM 2017 for Calligaris
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Marble top table and velvet chairs at IMM 2017 for Calligaris

At Imm 2017 dedicated to interior design, Calligaris has presented its new collections in totally new garments with sophisticated finishes and fabrics.
The Orbital table is characterized by an innovative design approach and great material research: the table is  “dressed” by a ceramic floor with Marmo Portoro effect coupled with glass in order to emphasize the attractive golden marble veins, which effectively stand out from the deep black background.  This structure is supported by a trapezoidal shaped element placed at the center to reinforce the concept of material exaltation of the project.

Also interesting are the new “textile” seats such as the Annie Soft chair or the Igloo Soft armchair, both characterised by soft upholstery and velvet cover with capitonnè finish.  The seats can be separated in the enveloping shell which defines the soft seat and the legs support structure – wood for Igloo, metal for Annie.

Finally, a special mention for the Basil chair, in a new version with the possibility to cover the seating with 7 different leather types.