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The new Salvioni environments signed by B&B Italia and Maxalto

Big news coming for the Salvioni Inverigo showroom.

The historic headquarters of Salvioni Design Solutions, famous for its strategic location in the heart of the Brianza furniture area, is now home to four new rooms designed by B&B Italia and Maxalto. These unreleased proposals, expression of a tireless ability to make furniture and communicate over the years their own personal taste, include an assortment of pieces selected from the latest innovations of the Salone del Mobile without neglecting some icons and cornerstones of design.

Completely dedicated to the living area, the environments bear the signature of Antonio Citterio to whom we owe this attempt to give voice to the many facets and peculiarities of Maxalto and B&B Italia pieces. A successful experiment, we can say, where the observer can observe and find his personal taste in different environments, diverse but equally valid.

Concerning B&B Italia, the guests of honor are the upholstered items, among which the Atoll and Dock sofas are featured in both the corner and peninsula versions. These elements have been combined with the Frank and Harbor armchairs, the Pianura, Mirto, Formiche and Spool tables and the Frank poufs. The successful complementarity of textiles, wood, glass and leather offer the eye a totalizing and heterogeneous vision that intertwines colors, materials and surfaces with impeccable taste. Completing the whole are the two Timo rugs, whose strong material presence perfectly enhances the great stylistic variety.

For Maxalto, the proposal varies from a living area with Dives sofa, Lithos coffee table and Febo armchairs to a more convivial space, where the large Xilos marble table is surrounded by the Caratos chairs. The use of coordinated accessories, such as the Alcor sideboards, the Lithos coffee table and the Leukon lamp, entail in both environments a perfect coordination of materials, colors and shapes, guaranteeing a stylistic result of excellence.

Here too, the choice of carpets strongly denoted as Caldes and Alcor, favor the enrichment of the scene, thus giving it a perfect background where the different pieces of furniture fit into a mixture of perceptions and emotions.

These and other innovations await you in the Salvioni Inverigo showroom, an example of dynamism and attention to the customer in proposing the latest trends in the design world.