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Sustainable Thinking | RODA’s path towards total Green

Sustainability and attention to the environment have always been elements of discussion in the production field, synonyms of a society that wonders and reflects on the possibility of carrying out production models whose impact on nature is often incalculable.

Even in the furniture sector, the issue of sustainability has gradually taken hold and among all the companies involved, RODA seems more than others to have taken up the challenge. Number one in the production of outdoor furniture, this company stands out for the choice of materials and finishes resistant to time and bad weather so as to ensure exceptional durability of each product.

The search for an increasingly Green face has led to new and interesting changes to the production. In fact, the new collections express a new respect for the environment thanks to the introduction of new materials such as straps, ropes and regenerated fabrics from the recovery of production materials.

The process greatly reduces the use of water and chemical additives and emits less CO2.

A style that recalls the Made in Italy style also signs the new collections of recycled acrylic fabrics and outdoor objects in natural brown cork. Here we mention the Bush pots, obtained through a completely green process where the cork is obtained from the oak when the plant is mature, without having to cut it down.

The choice to significantly reduce (and sometimes completely omit) the use of chemical additives and transform waste into biomass further confirm RODA’s ethical choice in participating in the transformation that the manufacturing world is gradually carrying out to hand over to future generations a cleaner world full of possibilities.