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Artemide is one of the most prestigious names of the Italian design: the company has in fact left an indelible impact on the lighting sector. Artemide lamps are often courageous and experimental, but also incredibly practical. The philosophy of Artemide follows the principle of the "Human Light", according to which every lighting project must focus on the human being and his needs. Another peculiarity of the brand is the incessant tendency to innovation, so much that over 60 people are employed in its own Research & Development center.Read more

Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Carlotta De Bevilacqua (1957-) is an Italian entrepreneur, leading the Artemide group. Having graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1983, she turned a few years after the meeting that would change her life: a human and professional partnership was born with the founder of Artemide Ernesto Gismondi which would culminate in the choice of becoming her third wife. Within the Artemide Group, Carlotta De Bevilacqua was initially responsible for managing the Danese Milano brand, a historic brand dedicated to objects and small furnishings which had been in decline for a few years and which she relaunched in 1999 through the injection of new creative energy. In 2004, a temporary separation from Artemide occurred following disagreements with the management, which disagreed with its idea of a "light company" (a model that would later become the standard for all the main lighting companies): Carlotta will dedicate a decade to practicing as an architect and teaching at the Polytechnic of Milan, as well as to the Danese brand which she personally took over. With her return to Artemide in 2013, she started working alongside her now aging husband in increasingly important roles, to the point of assuming the roles of CEO and President of the group directly in his hands, guiding him through experiments with the most innovative technologies of the moment such as the latest discoveries of LED lighting and integration into Internet of Things objects. In addition to directly designing various products, Carlotta De Bevilacqua has promoted collaborations with some of the most important international architecture firms such as Bjarke Ingles Read more