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Artemide is one of the most prestigious names of the Italian design: the company has in fact left an indelible impact on the lighting sector. Artemide lamps are often courageous and experimental, but also incredibly practical. The philosophy of Artemide follows the principle of the "Human Light", according to which every lighting project must focus on the human being and his needs. Another peculiarity of the brand is the incessant tendency to innovation, so much that over 60 people are employed in its own Research & Development center.Read more

Designed by

Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti
Vico Magistretti (1920-2006), son of the architect Pier Giulio Magistretti and a pupil of Gio Ponti, is one of the great protagonists of the adventurous period of post-World War II Italian design. He began his career as an architect in his father's studio, contributing to some of the key projects for the reconstruction of Milan after the war such as the QT8 district or the Torre al Parco in via Revere and actively participating in the cultural debate of the time. The growing interest in the architecture of the house led him to become more and more interested in design, a field in which, starting from the 1960s, he will give his best. His projects, effective and functional, always revolve around a strong idea developed with grace and consistency. He forged a lasting collaboration with Cassina, contributed to the creation of lamps that entered the collective imagination with brands such as Artemide and Oluce, designed for Flou the most famous bed in the history of Italian design (the Nathalie model, still a great success today), and obtained great successes with brands such as Kartell, Gavina, Campeggi and Fritz Hansen. In the last years of his career he also forged a close partnership with Maddalena De Padova, for whose brand he created some of his best projects.Read more