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Artemide is one of the most prestigious names of the Italian design: the company has in fact left an indelible impact on the lighting sector. Artemide lamps are often courageous and experimental, but also incredibly practical. The philosophy of Artemide follows the principle of the "Human Light", according to which every lighting project must focus on the human being and his needs. Another peculiarity of the brand is the incessant tendency to innovation, so much that over 60 people are employed in its own Research & Development center.Read more

Designed by

Mario Cucinella

Mario Cucinella
Mario Cucinella (1960-) is a relevant contemporary Italian architect. His work is strongly focused on the themes of environmental sustainability and the search for ecological architecture. His projects, often rich in plants and “green” inserts, also draw inspiration for shapes from the plant world. Graduated in architecture in Genoa under the guidance of Giancarlo De Carlo, he worked for several years in Renzo Piano's studio and then founded his own business in the early 1990s with offices in Paris and Bologna. Among his most evocative projects, still under construction, are the Unipol Tower in Milan and the Ekspozita Building in Tirana. His interventions in the world of product design have focused on the light and lighting sector, with collaborations with companies such as Artemide and iGuzzini.Read more