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Seat and Backrest

Natural Saddle Leather
Black Saddle Leather
Cognac Saddle Leather

Metallic Supports

Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn was founded in 1908 on the Danish island of Funen, under the aegis of the eponymous cabinetmaker Carl Hansen. Since its foundation, the small cabinetmaking workshop has experienced rapid success due to the high quality craftsmanship of its furniture as well as the foresight of its founder, responsible for the establishment of many fruitful collaborations with world-renowned designers.The growth of Carl Hansen & Son was deeply influenced by the long-term collaboration with one of the greatest designers of all time: Hans J. Wegner. This creative synergy began in 1949, when Holger Hansen, son of Carl Hansen, attempted the fate with the unknown designer. From that moment,Wegner designed a series of successful furniture, including the now iconic Wishbone Chair.Read more

Designed by

Borge Mogensen

Borge Mogensen
Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) is one of the figures who most contributed to defining the style of traditional Danish design that is still so loved and appreciated today. Mogensen in particular played a key role in leading Danish design from a pioneering phase still strongly linked to the handcrafted creation of high-quality, high-cost products to a more democratic development, aimed at the masses and young people thanks to lower prices but without lose in quality. He did this through great attention to the production and standardization aspects, developing and bringing and calibrating on large numbers the analytical and rational design method taught to him by his great master Kaare Klint, under whom he bored at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and for the which he worked for several years. He was able to implement this method above all thanks to his role as design director for Fællesforening for Danmarks Brugsforeninger (Confederation of Danish Design Cooperatives, still active today with the FDB Møbler brand), established in 1942 with the aim of producing low-cost for the widest possible audience. Starting in 1950, Mogensen left the FDB and founded his own design studio which will also give life to more valuable and refined products, produced in particular thanks to the partnership with the Fredericia brand. As taught to him by Klint, Mogensen loved to reinterpret classic English Windosre Chir furniture types or Shaker-style furnishings, reinterpreted with natural materials and functional but elegant shapes. In addition to Fredericia and FDB Møbler, today his furnishings are also produced by brands such as Carl Hansen & Søn, Hay and Mater. Read more