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Heidi StoolStacking Heidi Stool

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H.55 cm - Seat H.50 cm
H.70 cm - Seat H.65 cm
H.81 cm - Seat H.76 cm



Established & Sons
Established & Sons is a company born from the intention of creating a modern and trendy brand thanks to the contribution of young designers free to express their personal creative flair without limits or conceptual rigidity. The company's great ability consists precisely in making real the multitude of design ideas created to furnish the numerous rooms of the house and beyond. Light and usable, the line of each product easily fits into contexts of our time, from the most to the less formal, creating expressions of great emotion every time. The richness of the catalog also consists in experimentation, where a functional design is constantly combined with essential proposals full of a structural lightness that seems to wink at Nordic or Japanese style.Read more

Designed by

Sebastian Wrong

Sebastian Wrong
Sebastian Wrong (1971-) is a British designer. Trained as a sculptor, he achieved great and unexpected international success starting in 2003, when the Galleria Rossana Orlando in Milan began exhibiting his creations. One of them, the Spun Light lamp, is noticed by the most important Italian lighting brand, Flos, which introduces it to series production and leads it to great international sales records. A few years later he decided to propose his style at 360 °, becoming one of the founding partners and creative director of the Established & Sons brand, a position he still holds through which he becomes the protagonist of the recent renewal of British design. Another important collaboration is the one born with the Danish company Hay Design, which in 2012 decided to entrust him with an entire line of productions dedicated to him, "Wrong for Hay", which later evolved into a brand in its own right with the name of Wrong London , characterized like all his works by an eclectic style and attentive to craft traditions.Read more