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Ø 32 x H.16,6 cm - P1 Versin
Ø 55 x H.32 cm - P3 Version




Fritz Hansen
Milestone of danish design, the brand Fritz Hansen gathers in its catalogue some of the biggest classics of the Scandinavian modernim with modern and cutting-edge furniture, signed by some of the most important contemporary designers. In the style of Fritz Hansen furniture, characteristically nordic, the functional approach is tempered by pure and light lines, which make up immediately recognisable silhouettes that have now become part of the collective immagination. Products such as the Egg Chair armchair and Serie 7’s chairs by Arne Jacobsen are now pillars of the history of design.Read more

Designed by

Jorn Utzon

Jorn Utzon
Jørn Utzon (1918-2008), Danish architect, is the author of one of the most famous buildings of the twentieth century: the Sydney Opera House, a true marvel of the modern world. With its huge reinforced concrete shell vaults made with an innovative construction technique, this theater was a titanic project that lasted over fifteen years. It had begun in 1957 when the competition for its design was surprisingly won by Utzon, then a little-known architect returning from his formative experiences in the studios of Erik Gunnar Asplund and Alvar Aaalto and from a long study of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Like Wright, Utzon also had an organic conception of architecture, and believed that buildings should learn from the laws of nature. However, it would be simplistic to summarize his career in a single project, however iconic: Utzon's activity extended over several decades and was crowned in 2003 by winning the Pritzker Prize, the most prestigious international award for architecture. In the field of design Utzon was particularly appreciated for his lamps, now in production for brands such as Fritz Hansen and &tradition. He also designed the Paustian showroom in Copenhagen, one of the most important furniture multi-brands in the Danish capital. Read more