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Random Bookshelf2C – 3C Random Bookshelf

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€ 1.149,00

Random BookshelfWood Random Bookshelf

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€ 2.272,00

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W.35,8 x D.25 x H.217 cm – Random 2C
W.46,4 x D.25 x H.217 cm – Random 3C



MDF Italia
The MDF Italia world is minimalist and essential, dominated by white and pastel colors. The company's design aims to achieve extreme elegance by eliminating all the superfluous until it reaches a pure form, without frills. The absolute simplicity of the design hides a heart of avant-garde: the constant innovation of technologies and materials is another cornerstones of the brand . From tables to bookcases, from chairs to sofas: the whole MDF Italia catalog carries this particular philosophy on itself. This modern and unmistakable style allows MDF furniture to fit perfectly into the most diverse living contexts.Read more