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The colors displayed, for technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the actual finish. The price may vary in relation to the category / finish chosen. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation.
Matt Brown NickelMatt Brown Nickel
Glossy Brown NickelGlossy Brown Nickel


The colors displayed, for technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the actual finish. The price may vary in relation to the category / finish chosen. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation.
Cat. P – Spring
5310 Ardesia5310 Ardesia
5460 Barrique5460 Barrique
5000 Bianco5000 Bianco
5270 Cioccolato5270 Cioccolato
5500 Coloniale5500 Coloniale
5426 Corda5426 Corda
5400 Fango5400 Fango
5402 Ghiaccio5402 Ghiaccio
5260 Navy5260 Navy
5300 Nero5300 Nero
5428 Petrolio5428 Petrolio
5508 Sabbia5508 Sabbia
5504 Tortora5504 Tortora

Cat. S – Colors
101 Nero101 Nero
102 Lilla102 Lilla
112 Beola112 Beola
127 Alloro127 Alloro
137 Tabacco137 Tabacco
148 Girasole148 Girasole
179 Lino179 Lino
184 Zucca184 Zucca
186 Ciliegia186 Ciliegia
188 Ciclamino188 Ciclamino
195 Latte195 Latte
203 Elefante203 Elefante
207 Camoscio207 Camoscio
216 Sottobosco216 Sottobosco
154 Zaffiro154 Zaffiro

Cat. S – Silk
1 Crema1 Crema
2 Beige2 Beige
3 Talpa3 Talpa
4 Ebano4 Ebano
5 Cemento5 Cemento
6 Roccia6 Roccia
7 Grafite7 Grafite
8 Nero8 Nero
10 Terracotta10 Terracotta
11 Cognac11 Cognac
12 Senape12 Senape
13 Oliva13 Oliva

Cat. X – Deep
1 Crema1 Crema
2 Sabbia2 Sabbia
3 Salvia3 Salvia
4 Bruciato4 Bruciato
5 Cioccolato5 Cioccolato
6 Danubio6 Danubio
7 Carbone7 Carbone
8 Cenere8 Cenere
9 Senape9 Senape
10 Cognac10 Cognac

Cat. X – Special
8 Foresta8 Foresta
14 Nero14 Nero
25 Visone25 Visone
27 Bordeaux27 Bordeaux
33 Blu33 Blu
35 Canapa35 Canapa
37 Rosso37 Rosso
46 Petrolio46 Petrolio
48 Nocciola48 Nocciola
56 Beige56 Beige
60 Bulgaro60 Bulgaro
65 Tobacco65 Tobacco
66 Cedro66 Cedro
67 Stone67 Stone
68 Ghiaccio68 Ghiaccio

Cat. Y – Pelle Invecchiata
880 Nero880 Nero
881 Testa di Moro881 Testa di Moro
883 Naturale883 Naturale
887 Visone887 Visone
888 Fango888 Fango
890 Sabbia890 Sabbia

Cat. Y – Soft
1 Crema1 Crema
10 Prugna10 Prugna
11 Cioccolato11 Cioccolato
12 Moka12 Moka
13 Carbone13 Carbone
14 Oliva14 Oliva
2 Mastice2 Mastice
3 Nocciola3 Nocciola
4 Cognac4 Cognac
5 Coloniale5 Coloniale
6 Cemento6 Cemento
7 Roccia7 Roccia
8 Visone8 Visone
9 Bulgaro9 Bulgaro


Poliform, founded in 1970, is today one of the Italian brands of excellence in design furniture. The headquarters of the company was born a few kilometers from Milan, in Inverigo, in the heart of the Brianza furniture district, of which it still retains the values and traditions of today. Since then, Poliform's continuous search for quality and creativity have manifested themselves in each piece of furniture, through furniture that is not only innovative and versatile, but also a clear and contemporary example of style. The careful selection of materials and the highly technological production guarantee reliable and long-lasting furnishings. Thanks to this Poliform has become an international company that exports quality Italian furniture, with a recognizable and timeless style, to the world.Read more

Designed by

Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud
Jean-Marie Massaud (1966-) is one of the most relevant contemporary French designers. In his projects he manages to combine elegance and practicality with great wisdom, thus creating timeless products, always fresh and captivating. Graduated from the Ecole National Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, in 2000 he founded a studio together with Daniel Pouzet. With a keen nose, he immediately proved to be very skilled in interpreting the tastes of customers and in the creation of bestsellers, so much so that he established important collaborations with several of the most prestigious international brands. He has established a close collaboration with Poliform, a company of which he has been one of the leading designers for years, but has also achieved great success with brands such as Poltrona Frau, MDF Italia, Cappellini, B&B Italia, Axor, Arper, Glas Italia, Cassina, Dedon and many others. There are also numerous collaborations far from the world of furniture, such as the one with Toyota, for which he created a concept car, or the famous cosmetics brand Lancôme.Read more