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C.E.O. Cube DeskEasy Desk C.E.O. Cube Desk

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C.E.O. Cube DeskClassic C.E.O. Cube Desk

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01 Avorio01 Avorio
05 Stucco05 Stucco
0 Polare0 Polare
10 Antracite10 Antracite
127 Siam127 Siam
128 Carminio128 Carminio
132 Eggshell132 Eggshell
136 Ginger Bread136 Ginger Bread
140 Mimosa140 Mimosa
175 Bengali Green175 Bengali Green
177 Limo177 Limo
178 Alpi178 Alpi
180 Celadon180 Celadon
188 Viridiana188 Viridiana
19 Georgette19 Georgette
20 Inchiostro20 Inchiostro
23 Tortora23 Tortora
248 Iris248 Iris
26 Topo26 Topo
278 Atlantic Blue278 Atlantic Blue
279 Alchemy279 Alchemy
28 Seppia28 Seppia
29 Ardesia29 Ardesia
40 Cachemire40 Cachemire
44 Noisette44 Noisette
48 Tonka48 Tonka
59 Noce Pecan59 Noce Pecan
67 Chiodi di Garofano67 Chiodi di Garofano
74 Nocciola74 Nocciola
92 Garnet92 Garnet
96 Mattone96 Mattone
99 Carrubo99 Carrubo


Desk top and Leg Upholstered in Leather – With Modesty Panel
Desk top and Leg Upholstered in Leather – Without Modesty Panel
Lateral Panels of Desk top and Leg in Canaletto Walnut – Central Panel of Desk Top Upholstered in Leather – With Modesty Panel
Lateral Panels of Desk top and Leg in Canaletto Walnut – Central Panel of Desk Top Upholstered in Leather – Without Modesty Panel


Poltrona Frau
Poltrona Frau brings in any kind of environment, from home to office, its characteristic taste for leather-covered furnishings. The company grew out from the intuition of Renzo Frau who, moving in Torino, founded his workshop in the late 19th and 20th centuries. The Piedmont city was the ideal stage for the proposals of the young entrepreneur. From the beginning, Poltrona Frau furnishings attract the attentions of the bourgeoisie and the Savoy Aristocracy, strongly fascinated by the international taste. The company’s collections embodied the timeless beauty of the Made in Italy design, despite a remarkable stylistic inflection in the Edoardian taste. In those years came to life iconic products such as the historic model 904, better known as Vanity Fair, the Chester armchair, which recalls the Chesterfield style, and the model 1919.Read more

Lella & Massimo Vignelli
Lella (1934-2016) and Massimo (1931-2014), founders of the Vignelli Associates studio, were a couple of Italian designers who have spent most of their life and career in the United States and who have left an indelible mark on the history of the graphic designer. Massimo was in fact, together with Bob Noorda, one of the founders of Unimark International, a large international studio with offices in all major American and European cities that has contributed to shaping some of the most iconic visual identities of the entire twentieth century. It is Massimo and Lella who have signed epochal projects for Unimark such as those for the map and signage of the New York subway and the corporate identities of American industry giants such as American Airlines and Ford. In 1971 they decided to set up their own business and found the Vignelli Associates studio in New York, through which they managed to best express their elegant style of great structural purity, also intensifying relations with Italy and Europe with projects such as those for the graphic identity of brands such as Lancia or Ducati or of a very popular transmission such as the TG2. Michael Bierut, their young employee who would become one of the big names in graphic design in America in the future, once said that "it seemed that the entire city of New York was a permanent exhibition of Vignelli's works". In the field of furniture, their main client was the Knoll brand, for which they took care of the visual identity for many years and for which they designed some products, but they also had the opportunity to work with Italian brands such as Poltrona Frau, Acerbis and Poltronova.Read more