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Poltrona Frau
Poltrona Frau brings in any kind of environment, from home to office, its characteristic taste for leather-covered furnishings. The company grew out from the intuition of Renzo Frau who, moving in Torino, founded his workshop in the late 19th and 20th centuries. The Piedmont city was the ideal stage for the proposals of the young entrepreneur. From the beginning, Poltrona Frau furnishings attract the attentions of the bourgeoisie and the Savoy Aristocracy, strongly fascinated by the international taste. The company’s collections embodied the timeless beauty of the Made in Italy design, despite a remarkable stylistic inflection in the Edoardian taste. In those years came to life iconic products such as the historic model 904, better known as Vanity Fair, the Chester armchair, which recalls the Chesterfield style, and the model 1919.Read more

Designed by

Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni
Roberto Lazzeroni (1950-) is one of the leading Italian designers on the contemporary scene. His sign, measuredly retro but with an eye firmly on the future, gives life to highly decorative furnishings, with refined elegance, in which precious materials are revitalized by sinuous curves that give them an impression of warm and enveloping luxury. Born in Pisa and trained as an architect in Florence, close to Radical Design in his youth, he was active for several years in the field of interior architecture before approaching product design thanks to the partnership with Ceccotti Collezioni, which began in 1988 and continued until today. Over the years he has managed to achieve ever-increasing success, appearing today among the most prestigious brands of brands such as Baxter, Poltrona Frau, Flexform Mood, Giorgetti, Lema, Antoniolupi, Visionnaire and Zanotta.Read more