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Swiss by birth, Vitra is a unique company in many ways. Unique in its home collections, light and colorful; unique in its office furnishings, which combine in a masterful implementation design and ergonomics; unique for the designer parterre that enriches its catalog. Among prestigious historical re-enactments and fruitful collaborations, Vitra has always had the ability to relive the past and project to the future. However, Vitra is unique above all for Rolf Fehlbaum's corporate address, where the company transcends the business to fulfill wider social and cultural functions: the creation of a unique project such as Vitra Campus and the annexed Vitra Design Museum is an example.Read more

Designed by

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison (1959-) is one of the leading figures of the successful brood of English designers who, starting from the 1980s, made themselves known all over the world, achieving great successes each with their own personal aesthetic. His was important on a pushed minimalism, conceived as a reaction to the experimental excesses of design of those years and to the prevailing consumerism. Guided by the desire to reconstruct a direct relationship with the gestures of the users of his objects and with their needs, Morrison becomes the standard bearer of the poetics of the “Super Normal”, as defined by the name of a successful exhibition dedicated to him. His first furnishings, with delicate curves and sober colors, were edited by the English company SCP during the years when he was still a student. Starting from the end of the 1980s, his fruitful collaborations with Cappellini and Vitra placed him at the forefront of the international design stage, later giving him the opportunity to work with prestigious brands such as Magis, Flos, Emeco, Kettal, Alias ​​and Rowenta.Read more