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The colors displayed, for technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the actual finish. The price may vary in relation to the category / finish chosen. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation.
Cat. F30 Plano
68 Avocado68 Avocado
54 Marrone54 Marrone
41 Verde Classico / Bosco41 Verde Classico / Bosco
69 Grigio Scuro69 Grigio Scuro
18 Grigio Chiaro / Grigio Serra18 Grigio Chiaro / Grigio Serra
75 Castano / Nero75 Castano / Nero
52 Menta / Bosco52 Menta / Bosco
66 Nero66 Nero
87 Nero / Bianco Crema87 Nero / Bianco Crema
43 Petrolio / Nero43 Petrolio / Nero
39 Giallo / Verde Pastello39 Giallo / Verde Pastello

Cat. F40 Laser RE
19 Blu / Marrone Palude19 Blu / Marrone Palude
65 Blu Ghiaccio / Crema65 Blu Ghiaccio / Crema
60 Crema60 Crema
03 Dark Carbon03 Dark Carbon
71 Menta / Malachite71 Menta / Malachite
74 Nude / Rosso Chiaro74 Nude / Rosso Chiaro
66 Papiro / Crema66 Papiro / Crema
75 Rosso Chiaro75 Rosso Chiaro
72 Smeraldo / Malachite72 Smeraldo / Malachite
13 Stone Grey13 Stone Grey
67 Verde Canna / Senape67 Verde Canna / Senape
69 Verde Prato / Crema69 Verde Prato / Crema
63 Warm Grey / Crema63 Warm Grey / Crema
64 Warm Grey / Marrone Palude64 Warm Grey / Marrone Palude

Cat. F40 Mello
01 Crema01 Crema
02 Perlato02 Perlato
03 Cemento03 Cemento
04 Canarino04 Canarino
05 Papiro05 Papiro
06 Cashew06 Cashew
07 Lilla07 Lilla
08 Grigio Verde08 Grigio Verde
10 Grigio Ciottolo10 Grigio Ciottolo

Cat. F60 Volo
02 Grigio Scuro02 Grigio Scuro
04 Limone04 Limone
06 Erba d’Estate06 Erba d’Estate
08 Grigio Verde08 Grigio Verde
10 Indigo10 Indigo
11 Blu Notte11 Blu Notte
12 Rosso12 Rosso
14 Grigio Ferro14 Grigio Ferro
51 Blu Ghiaccio51 Blu Ghiaccio
56 Verde Bluastro56 Verde Bluastro
69 Castagna69 Castagna

Cat. F80 Corsaro
09 Bambù Melange09 Bambù Melange
13 Nero Melange13 Nero Melange
07 Giallo Calza Melange07 Giallo Calza Melange
04 Blu Scuro Melange04 Blu Scuro Melange
02 Marrone Scuro Melange02 Marrone Scuro Melange
03 Grigio Scuro Melange03 Grigio Scuro Melange
12 Grafite Melange12 Grafite Melange
01 Celeste Melange01 Celeste Melange
10 Pepe Melange10 Pepe Melange
06 Sabbia Melange06 Sabbia Melange
08 Sierra Melange08 Sierra Melange
11 Blu Acciaio Melange11 Blu Acciaio Melange
05 Stone Melange05 Stone Melange

Cat. F80 Dumet
03 Beige / Grigio03 Beige / Grigio
30 Mora Melange30 Mora Melange
33 Carbone / Nero33 Carbone / Nero
29 Rosso Scuro / Melange29 Rosso Scuro / Melange
31 Indigo Melange31 Indigo Melange
01 Avorio Melange01 Avorio Melange
24 Mango Melange24 Mango Melange
25 Ocra Melange25 Ocra Melange
22 Blu Tenero / Rosa Pallido22 Blu Tenero / Rosa Pallido
26 Blu Tenero / Chartreuse26 Blu Tenero / Chartreuse
17 Sabbia Melange17 Sabbia Melange
11 Giallo Melange11 Giallo Melange

Cat. F120 Credo
27 Bitter Chocolate27 Bitter Chocolate
01 Crema01 Crema
20 Delfino / Blu Acciaio20 Delfino / Blu Acciaio
22 Smeraldo / Edera22 Smeraldo / Edera
19 Limetta / Curry19 Limetta / Curry
24 Mauve Grigio / Grigio Medio24 Mauve Grigio / Grigio Medio
25 Madreperla / Nero25 Madreperla / Nero
23 Rosa Pallido / Arancione Scuro23 Rosa Pallido / Arancione Scuro
16 Red Chilli16 Red Chilli
12 Roccia12 Roccia
21 Blu Reale / Elefante21 Blu Reale / Elefante
13 Salt’n Pepper13 Salt’n Pepper
26 Verde Bluastro / Nero26 Verde Bluastro / Nero



Swiss by birth, Vitra is a unique company in many ways. Unique in its home collections, light and colorful; unique in its office furnishings, which combine in a masterful implementation design and ergonomics; unique for the designer parterre that enriches its catalog. Among prestigious historical re-enactments and fruitful collaborations, Vitra has always had the ability to relive the past and project to the future. However, Vitra is unique above all for Rolf Fehlbaum's corporate address, where the company transcends the business to fulfill wider social and cultural functions: the creation of a unique project such as Vitra Campus and the annexed Vitra Design Museum is an example.Read more

Designed by

Barber Osgerby

Barber Osgerby
Edward Barber (1969-) and Jay Osgerby (1969-) are the founders of the Barber Osgerby studio, one of the most important names in contemporary British design. They met while studying at the Royal College of Art in London and shared their entire career together, which began in 1996 with the creation of a table for the famous London brand Isokon. Their style, of a refined minimalism often tempered by soft curved lines, was soon noticed by the most fruitful talent scout in the world of international design, Giulio Cappellini. Their creations for Cappellini will open the doors of great Italian and international industry to them, with collaborations with brands such as B&B Italia, Vitra, AXOR, Dedon and many others. Their prominent position in the world of British design is evidenced by the most important public project assigned to them: the Olympic Torch for the London 2012 Games. Their creations are part of the collections of important museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the MoMA in New York and the Art Institute in Chicago.Read more