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Alias relaunches the Pio Manzù table

After the re-edition of the Manzù armchair, Alias proposes another work of the famous Italian designer Pio Manzù, protagonist of the Italian car design of the ‘60s.

An authentic pioneer of ergonomics, Manzù distinguished itself for the search of a rigor design combined with the mastery of technologies, aimed at ensuring not only safety but also well-being.

Alias’s work focused on a table designed for Angelli’s home in Rome, where Manzù developed the idea of a flat surface mounted on a central support to the floor. The influence of Eero Saarinen and Pierre Chareu contributes in designing a base with a sculptural sign supporting a circular plan that rotates all around the external crown of the table seats, designed to best serve the guests.

Alias decided to investigate the version with a symmetric leg and a sturdy central column, creating a compact polyurethane structure painted in different colors. The circular top is available in three sizes (Diameter 140-160-180) and composed of two elements: the central circle in anodised aluminum or marble and the crown made of painted MDF.

The Manzù table reflects the ability of the historic “Made in Italy” design brand to select a highly innovative item from the past and transfer it to the contemporary world with extremely modern and up-to-date features.