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Fferrone – With the simple, the unexpected

Fferrone was born from the creative genius of his founder Felicia Ferrone, born in Chicago and graduated in architecture at Miami University. Her first professional experiences took her to Milan, where she immediately began working alongside some of the biggest names in the Italian design such as Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni. Their influence, combined with the great artistic heritage of the Italian metropolis, allowed her to develop her own personal concept according to which all aspects of design are interdependent and that nothing exists in a vacuum, but always in relation to the environments, objects and systems all around. Thus the idea of “Blur the boundaries” took shape, giving life to a way of doing unique and interdependent design among the various disciplines of which we can now admire the results translated into unique objects and compositions.

The Art Institute of Chicago hosts in its permanent exhibition the works of Felicia Ferrone which has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN Award and are now exported all over the world.

His works are famous due to their capacity to create the unexpected through a skilful union of seemingly simple tastes, where the archetypes are reworked into forms and creative expressions. A strong European influence driven by minimal aesthetic elements, skilled workers in the proportions and meticulous consideration of the details, give rise to often-extravagant objects full of timeless beauty. Thanks to the collaboration with master artisans, each piece is made by hand, thus ensuring an innovative use of materials and production techniques.

Fferrone meets Salvioni Design Solutions at the Milano Durini showroom, enriching the collection with a large range of compositions. The interior designers of the group will be available to advise the customers and help them in choosing these authentic works of art for the home.