Baxter Calling to the Faraway Towns | Studiopepe | Paolo Bestetti
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Baxter calling to the faraway towns | The interview with Studiopepe and Paolo Bestetti

Leading company in the high quality furniture sector, Baxter Made in Italy has launched “Calling to the faraway towns”, an interesting series of interviews and appointments dedicated to the world of design; designers and design studios will alternate here in dedicated moments, giving the opportunity to customers from all over the world and lovers of the sector to ask them any question that may satisfy their curiosity.

As part of this initiative, we hosted a conversation between Chiara di Pinto and Arianna Lelli Mami, founders of Studiopepe and Paolo Bestetti, CEO of Baxter Made in Italy, interviewed by our Store Manager of the Salvioni Milano Baxter Cinema flagship store, Paolo Busnelli.

With the background of the evocative atmosphere offered by the Baxter Cinema showroom, guests were asked to talk about themselves, their work, but above all the collaboration that united Studiopepe’s talent with Baxter’s great craftsmanship. The resulting dialogue is as captivating as it is full of curiosities, details and suggestions of absolute value.

Click here to watch the interview!