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Baxter Worldwide 2020 | The new set-up of Baxter Cinema

The international event Baxter Worldwide 2020 celebrated the new Baxter Made in Italy collection in an atmosphere of great expectation and excitement, revealing the novelties that the brand offers to its international customers.

Located at the center of Made in Italy design, the Salvioni Milano Baxter Cinema showroom has played a prominent role, completely revisiting its look and colors in a display of the new collections. In the new set up there are many proposals for every room of the house, from the living area to the dining room, without neglecting the more intimate sleeping area.

Internationally renowned designers such as Paola Navone, Pietro Russo and Federico Peri have here joined well-established design studios such as Draga&Aurel and Studiopepe in the creation of unique products, perfect for tastefully furnishing any domestic space and beyond.

Among the new proposals in the showroom stand out the Stone modular bed whose peculiarity consists in offering two proposals for the associated bedside tables: one freestanding and one integrated with adjoining courtesy light.

Among the upholstered items, the Brigitte sofa and armchair, the Leon armchair and the Milano collection stand out. The compositional possibilities of the Piaf modular sofa are also extended, whose full lines combine to create a piece of furniture of extreme refinement. Last but not least, the Lazy Bones armchair stands out for the skilful combination of geometries and soft fabrics, in a contrast of rare compositional taste.

Indispensable elements for the living area, Baxter Cinema presents the new range of Piombino, Calix and Verre Particulier coffee tables, whose clear-cut geometries perfectly match the Himani carpet series, rich in colors and abstractions. The 2020 proposals are closed by the Plissé series of bedside tables and containers, the very elegant Azzal bookcase, the Calix console and the two novelties for the office: the Colette chairs and the Parsec desk.

Alongside the development of new products, it is worth mentioning the equally meticulous research that Baxter Made in Italy has carried out in the choice of colors for this new 2020 – 2021 product collection. This year’s palettes are essentially three, articulated in nuances ranging from classic colors to military green, without neglecting turquoise, blue and nudes of great effect. The earthy and gray shades are inevitable, with particular attention to the textures with a nostalgic 80s scent.

These and many other new Baxter Made in Italy proposals are available in the Salvioni Milano Baxter Cinema showroom, declined in the evocative settings that the brand has been able to set up in the prestigious Largo Augusto space where atmosphere and design never cease to amaze.