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Salvioni is Amini official dealer

Ancient Persian rugs and modern design: Amini has succeeded in combining two distant and apparently irreconcilable worlds. Amini rugs are produced in Asia according to the ancient traditions of the sector, but patterns and colors are created and designed to integrate perfectly with contemporary environments and the latest design trends. The Amini catalog has a great variety of styles and prices: from silver caps to durable outdoor rugs.

Amini rugs

The brand is part of the ABC Italia group of the Amini family, hailing from Afghanistan, which has brought it through the difficult events of this land the typically Middle Eastern conception that the carpet is much more than a furnishing accessory, but a piece of art or even a real sacred object. The Amini rugs therefore live in timeless elegance, beyond any passing trend.

The quality of the Amini rugs can already be seen starting from the materials: only the best Tibetan wool is used, the New Zealand wool, finer and longer, the Sardinian wool, with great resistance or the precious mohair wool. Even viscose models, such as the Whisper rug, meet the highest quality standards and are proven to be durable and easy to care for. The same applies to carpets made of vegetable fibers, such as jute, cotton and hemp.

Amini design

With an operation of great cultural importance, Amini has over the years reissued rugs designed by some of the great masters of Italian design such as Joe Colombo, Manlio Rho and especially Gio Ponti, including several projects by him such as the Diamantina, Incroci, Taranto and Sorrento rugs. Amini has also produced limited editions in which the carpet returns to be a true form of art collaborating with avant-garde contemporary artists such as David Wiseman, Dana Barnes and Thaddeus Wolfe.

Amini official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Amini dealer. Several models of Amini rugs are on display at the Salvioni showrooms of Inverigo and Lugano, and they also represent one of the characteristic elements of the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom, where they help creating complete environments with attention to detail respecting the proportions of a real home.