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Salvioni is Arredoluce official dealer

Arredoluce was founded in Monza in 1943 by Angelo Lelii, an entrepreneur and designer guided by the idea of creating a strong and dynamic company, capable of carrying on the legacy of Made in Italy throughout the world. The focus of production, luminous furniture, was born and developed among many design pieces that have become true icons of the sector over the years. Today Arredoluce is reborn within the Penta group, under the aegis of great masters of the past and contemporary tributes aimed at enhancing its value and stylistic potential.

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Versions Arredoluce Pavone Pendant Light

Arredoluce Pavone Pendant Light Arredoluce Pavone Pendant Light Gio Ponti 

Versions Arredoluce Triennale Floor Lamp

Arredoluce Triennale Floor Lamp Arredoluce Triennale Floor Lamp Angelo Lelii 

Arredoluce lamps

Arredoluce includes in its catalog iconic pieces such as the Triennale floor lamp by Angelo Lelii, presented at the VII Triennale in Milan in ’47 and today considered an archetype of the Italian lamp. No less relevant is the Stellina lamp, designed in the early 1950s and equipped with an enameled lampshade that rises and lowers to adjust the intensity of the light. A real work of the sector, however, is the Pavone ceiling lamp, the result of the partnership between Angelo Lelii and Gio Ponti and formed by two concentric circles of illuminating spheres supported by a complex structure with brass ogives. Pavone is both jewel and pure art, an element that does not go unnoticed in any environment it is placed. Also relevant is the Cobra, halfway between lamp and sculpture with a plastic verticalism. Argo was born in 1963 from a botanical inspiration. The central body is made up of an illuminating sphere held by a brass structure.

Arredoluce design

Arredoluce’s works are the result of a skilful conceptual, stylistic and technical study carried out by Angelo Lelii and Gio Ponti, whose collaboration led to the creation of the futuristic Pavone suspension lamp. Each item in the catalog is distinguished by the use of strong materials, softened by the care and artistic competence applied in the creation of the finished product. Ideal in any environment, they stand out for their illustrious past, decisive in influencing the contemporary stylistic trends not only of lighting, but of furniture as a whole.


Salvioni Design Solutions collaborates with Arredoluce for the distribution of the iconic floor, ceiling and table lamps created to better enhance the power of light and luminous design. The brand’s proposals are displayed in the multi-brand showrooms to better enhance their value and artistic beauty.