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Salvioni is B-Line official dealer

B-Line was born from Giorgio Bordin’s desire to create a brand specialized in giving life to icons of Italian design furniture. Specifically, the work of this company focuses on objects that have been lost over the years, disappeared due to the continuous emergence of industry news and therefore destined for oblivion. In some cases they are iconic products, lost not because of little value, but because of the simple progression of history and trends. Since 1999, the year of its foundation, B-Line has been involved in famous works such as the Boby trolley by Joe Colombo, the Boomerang chair by Rodolfo Bonetto, the Helix chair, 4/4 coffee table, Park and Hoop chairs and numerous accessories such as the Fishbone and Fin shelves.

B-Line Style

The style of B-Line stands out for the simplicity of the shapes combined with details of extreme beauty, capable of enhancing each piece giving it personality and relief. The beauty of B-Line is also found in the chromatic choices adopted, careful to reflect the gentleness of the pastel shades combined with small and short excesses of colors chosen to give luster to particular elements. No less important is the use of new and traditional materials such as wood, metal, leather and fabric, essential for giving life to authentic works of art.

B-Line Design

Among the B-Line proposals we find chairs, armchairs, tables and coffee tables, stools, shelves, vases, containers and various accessories, such as bookcases and storage units. Obviously, there is no shortage of accessories and experiments that seem to challenge the eye to guess the use that will be made of them in the home. The consistency of each work is incredible, capable of reflecting as a whole a specific choice of taste aimed at creating a modern, detailed environment, strong in a tradition that never loses incisiveness.

B-Line Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions offers the numerous works by B-Line in its furniture assortment, inserted in contexts designed to enhance their value and function. Salvioni’s choice comes to life from the desire to brush up with this company the taste for the peculiar, the unique, the different.