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Salvioni is Baxter official dealer

Symbol of Italian excellence, Baxter was born in 1990 in the heart of the Brianza furniture-manufacturing district. The family-run company developed its potential in Lurago d’Erba, where the ancient artisan tradition meets the highly specialized local crafts. The Brand maintained a focus on the quality of the materials used, searching for absolute excellence in order to propose design products with a strong emotional impact for aesthetics, shape and function. The absolute protagonist of Baxter’s production is saddle leather, symbol of high quality leather, coming from the historic tannery of Toscana and Veneto.

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Versions Baxter Allure Coffee Table

Baxter Allure Coffee Table Baxter Allure Coffee Table  

Versions Baxter Amburgo Baby Armchair

Baxter Amburgo Baby Armchair Baxter Amburgo Baby Armchair Paola Navone 

Versions Baxter Anais Armchair

Baxter Anais Armchair Baxter Anais Armchair Draga & Aurel 

Versions Baxter Anais Ottoman

Baxter Anais Ottoman Baxter Anais Ottoman Draga & Aurel 

Versions Baxter Arles Mirror

Baxter Arles Mirror Baxter Arles Mirror Draga & Aurel 

Versions Baxter Artik Armchair

Baxter Artik Armchair Baxter Artik Armchair Paola Navone 

Versions Baxter Azzal Bookshelf

Baxter Azzal Bookshelf Baxter Azzal Bookshelf Studiopepe 

Versions Baxter Barret Armchair

Baxter Barret Armchair Baxter Barret Armchair Draga & Aurel 

Versions Baxter Berbere Pattern A Rug

Baxter Berbere Pattern A Rug Baxter Berbere Pattern A Rug  

Versions Baxter Berlino Armchair

Baxter Berlino Armchair Baxter Berlino Armchair Paola Navone 

Versions Baxter Blade Floor Lamp

Baxter Blade Floor Lamp Baxter Blade Floor Lamp  

Versions Baxter Bourgeois Table

Baxter Bourgeois Table Baxter Bourgeois Table Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez 

Baxter sofas

Despite the strongly English flavored name, Baxter is a company whose specific feature is the Made in Italy.  With passion and determination, the brand has achieved over the years a personal identity and a unique style in the field of high-end interior design. Baxter’s catalog includes historic products inspired by saddlery such as sofas, armchairs and bergère in Tuscany leather, including the historic Alfred sofa.

Contemporary sofas are the iconic Chester Moon and Budapest sofa, also in the Soft version, both signed by Paola Navone. The proposal for beds and sofas is flanked by the great collection of tables and leather-covered chairs, accessories, coffee tables, beds and accessories for the night area.

Head of the Company, the entrepreneur Paolo Bestetti, with the creative director Stefano Guidotti, aims to offer quality products and unmistakable style. The Unique collection, a rare example of modern design reworked in limited edition by the couple of designers Draga Obradovic & Aurel Basedow, cleverly exemplifies the continuous search for unique shapes and attention to details.

Baxter Design

Thanks to the large number of partnerships with renowned Designers and Achitects, Baxter confirms its pioneering role in the international interior-design overview by proposing a sophisticated and modern style. Piero Lissoni, Roberto Lazzeroni, Paola Navone and Matteo Thun are just some of the most famous names who joined the creative team of the company. The latest are the artistic duo Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow.

Baxter official dealer

Baxter Cinema, the Milan and North Italy flagship store of the Brand is part of the showroom network of Salvioni Design Solutions. The showroom, born in the suggestive site of an historic movie theater, hosts a 1200×1000 square meter exhibition space with a large pieces selection of Baxter’s catalog for indoor and outdoor furnishings.