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Salvioni is Bosa official dealer

Bosa is an avant-garde ceramic laboratory in which the wisdom of traditional manufacturing combines with the courage to indulge designers in their most daring experiments. Bosa ceramics are glazed in a palette of bright colors, made exclusively in the company’s laboratories, and are enriched with precious metal inserts, such as gold, silver or copper, used with great creativity to give life to details that enrich each piece . Through a careful selection of designers, Bosa has managed over the years to create her own unique and distinctive style, immediately recognizable, in which a colorful vitality typical of pop art is mixed with explicit primitivist reminiscences.

Bosa vases

This characteristic style is best expressed in Elena Salmistraro’s creations, such as the Primitives line of vases, or in the intuitions of Jaime Hayon, such as the Maskhayon series of decorative masks. The juxtaposition of brightly colored enamels and sparkling metals characterizes a large part of the Bosa collection, in which, however, complements for the table are also available, of a more minimalist inspiration, such as the Cup series by Ludovia & Roberto Palomba.

The style of the Catalan Pepa Reverter is absolutely unique, with its almost metaphysical vases from the Sisters series. The variety is in fact one of the company’s strengths, which since its foundation in Borso del Grappa by Italo Bosa has always left designers with ample creative space. The Bosa catalog is completed by a rich collection of lamps, in which all the inspiring principles of the brand are implemented.

Bosa design

Bosa’s technical knowledge and willingness to innovation have given the company the opportunity to establish solid collaborations with important international designers. In addition to the mentioned Jaime Hayon and Elena Salmistraro, names like Sam Baron, Gordon Guillaumier, Sebastian Herkner, Matteo Cibic and Giulio Iacchetti worked with Bosa. There are also numerous collaborations with other design companies, such as Minotti and Baccarat.

Bosa official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official dealer of Bosa. In its stores of Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni group stands out for its careful research into the latest innovations in the world of design, both in furniture and in the complement, and for an integrated design approach in which the interior design takes care of an entire space, from the furniture to accessories and complements.