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Salvioni is Brokis official dealer

Heir of the big Bohemian tradition of blown glass, reinterpreted with a really modern and avant-garde taste, Brokis is a Czech Republic company active in the illumination sector and stands out among the most interesting reality of the emergent East-Europe design.

Its lamps show a contemporary and charming design, matching the handmade glass realised by the best Bohemian artisans with other materials as wood or metal. Brokis’ catalogue includes different models of lamps and chandeliers, all combined by a fresh and contemporary style.

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Versions Brokis Muffins Table Lamp

Brokis Muffins Table Lamp Classic Classic

Price starting from
€ 848,00

Brokis Muffins Table Lamp 10-Year Anniversary 10-Year Anniversary

Price starting from
€ 2.192,00

Brokis Muffins Table Lamp Brokis Muffins Table Lamp Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet 

Price starting from
€ 848,00

Brokis lamps

Founded in 2006 by the engineer Jan Rabell, Brokis is a young and innovative company which is in in the big experience in the glass manufacturing of the historical Jansten Glassworks, founded in the first half oh the Nineteenth Century and located in the region of Vysocina. This centenarian tradition is made actual again by lamps such as the model Memory, which remembers a balloon with his shapes, or the elegant series Balloons.

Brokis design

the tendency  to the new is a characteristic that Brokis makes clear in the chosen of the designer’s parterre too: gives the possibility to express themselves to young Czech designer such as Lucie Koldova, brand’s artistic director, or Boris Klimek, author of the Night Birds pendant lamps.In addition Brokis can praise important international collaborations, such as the Italian studio Chiaramonte Marin ones or the ones with the Israeli Dan Yeffet.

Brokis official dealer

Salvioni Design Solution is an official Brokis reseller. In his Milan, Lugano and Inverigo showrooms, Salvioni’s group offers to his costumers all the big Classics and the best last products of the international design, having a special consideration for the emergent reality. The interior Salvioni’s designers are occupied with the complete planning of all the home rooms and