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Salvioni is Calligaris official dealer

The masterpiece of the popular Friuli chair district, Calligaris has for years been a veritable international giant, standard bearer of Made in Italy furniture in the world. At the heart of the Calligaris collection are its famous modern design chairs, available in countless variations for shapes and materials, accompanied by an equally large selection of tables. In the wide Calligaris offer, however, there are solutions for every room, from the living room, with sofas, armchairs, rugs and storage units, to the sleeping area, with beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers and much more.

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Versions Calligaris Abrey Stool

Calligaris Abrey Stool Calligaris Abrey Stool Gabriele & Oscar Buratti 
Calligaris Basil Chair Calligaris Basil Chair Mr Smith Studio 

Versions Calligaris Darwin Sofa Bed

Calligaris Darwin Sofa Bed Calligaris Darwin Sofa Bed Stefano Spessotto 

Versions Calligaris Oleandro Chair

Calligaris Oleandro Chair Calligaris Oleandro Chair Archirivolto 

Versions Calligaris Orbital Table

Calligaris Orbital Table Calligaris Orbital Table Pininfarina 

Versions Calligaris Terrazzo Rug

Calligaris Terrazzo Rug Calligaris Terrazzo Rug  

Calligaris furniture

The history of Calligaris begins with a chair: it is the Marocca model, made of wood and stuffed padding, made for the first time in the 1920s by Antonio Calligaris in his small workshop in Manzano, in the province of  Udine. The passing of the years and the succession of generations see a constant expansion of the company and its internationalization. But one thing does not change: Calligaris chairs continue to remain synonymous with quality and innovation.

Kitchen chairs and office chairs, folding or stackable chairs, transparent or colorful chairs: the Calligaris catalog contains suitable for every taste and need. Models like the Liberty plastic chair, the stackable chair Skin, the elegant Saint Tropez chair and the unmistakable Basil chair can easily adapt to any need, changing the aspect with the choice of different finishes.

The same variety is found in the selection of tables, enriched by a large selection of extendable and transformable tables. From the traditional shapes of the Eminence table to those with the boldest design of the Giove table and the Icaro table, passing through the versatility of the Tower extendable table: also in this sector the Calligaris catalog manages to find the perfect solutions for any kind of home, with a great wealth of dimensions and materials.

Connubia Calligaris

Along with the prestige of the Calligaris brand, which over the years has also attracted the investments of the large French luxury group LVMH, the Connubia brand was recently added, offering an essential selection of design stools, tables and chairs. Among the authors of Calligaris products are many well-known names in Italian design, such as the duo Pio & Tito Toso, the Pininfarina studio, Gino Carollo and Marcello Ziliani.

Calligaris official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Calligaris official  dealer, as well as the Connubia brand. The Salvioni network is made up of different showrooms in Milan, Inverigo and Lugano, where a team of expert interior designers is at the complete disposal of the customer for the realization of complete and tailor made projects.