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Salvioni is Campeggi official dealer

Not only Sofa beds, but also much more: with Campeggi, the potential of the animated furniture is pushed to the extreme, finding no limit to the designer’s imagination. The result is a rich collection of products never limited by what they seem: armchairs that become poufs, sofas becoming writing desks, consoles splitting up to form a group of table and chairs; All Campeggi products are always able to change in order to satisfy all the small needs of everyday life in an ingenious and unique way.

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Versions Campeggi Go Sofa Bed

Campeggi Go Sofa Bed Go Small Go Small

Price starting from
€ 2.536,00

Campeggi Go Sofa Bed Classic Classic

Price starting from
€ 2.552,00

Campeggi Go Sofa Bed Go-Up Go-Up

Price starting from
€ 2.793,00

Campeggi Go Sofa Bed Campeggi Go Sofa Bed  

Price starting from
€ 2.536,00

Campeggi furniture

Always suspended between play and invention, Campeggi’s multiform furniture creates a catalog of colorful proposals rich of ironic touches, for a design that does not take itself too seriously but always meets real needs.

With this philosophy, innumerable proposals are born from the most different characteristics, like the Lowe and Bobo models, but also beds and mattresses hidden everywhere: in a small armchair, as the Lorenzo Damiani’s Girella in a pouf, like in Santaciara’s Santapouf, or even in a pillow as in the Q.Letto series. Alternatively, the bed is simply made foldable to get to the minimum encumbrance, as in the model Guest of Vico Magistretti.

The inexhaustible creativity of Campeggi comes to combine furniture and fitness, with fresh and unconventional furniture, not without a smiling taste for provocation, such as the “stool with pedals” Coppi by Denis Santachiara, the armchair with Lazy Basketball model by Emanuele Magini or the small domestic gym Sneaker by Giovanni Levanti, complete with fitness ball and elastic pad for jumping.

Campeggi design

The peculiar Campeggi philosophy has seduced some big names of the international design, which have found in this company the ideal partner for their most visionary projects. In the Campeggi catalog they can find names like the french Matali Crasset, with its coat hanger Chambre d’Ami capable of transforming into a bed, the great master of transformable furniture Giulio Manzoni, the eclectic Denis Santachiara, the young japanese Sakura Adachi and even the legendary Vico Magistretti.

Campeggi official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Campeggi dealer. The headquarters Salvioni of Inverigo is located a few kilometers from Milan and is also near the Campeggi showroom of Anzano del Parco, where our interior designers will be able to accompany the most curious customers in a total immersion in the amazing world of Campeggi.