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Salvioni is Catellani&Smith official dealer

Neither architecture nor art: the formation of Enzo Catellani, the only and brilliant mind behind the Catellani & Smith brand,  goes beyond the traditional canons of lighting design, remaining faithful to its personal inspiration. The research around the light and the pleasure of craft creation have led Enzo Catellani to create a wide range of luminous creations expressing a peculiar poetics. Here, simple materials, worked in the companys’ workshop of Bergamo countryside, intersect with light in a play of golden and silver reflections.

Catellani&Smith lamps

Symbol of the production of Enzo Catellani is the Fil de Fer lamp, very dear to him, protagonist in innumerable architectural projects. Strong iconic value also has the Lederam model, available in wall-mounted, pendant, table and floor versions, and the minimalist Light Stick, which uses LED technology to become almost invisible and leave all the space to light.


The Turciù series, the first creation of Catellani & Smith, was born in its first version in 1989, when the brand was founded. Lead by a different inspiration, but with an equally scenographic effect, the “Luci d’oro” collection consists of the Malagola pendant lamp, the Malagolina table lamp, the Colonna floor lamp, the Luna wall lamp and culminates in the Macchina della Luce chandelier , a real suspended sculpture.


Catellani & Smith Outdoor

Novelty of the recent years, exclusively presented at Salvioni Milano Durini during the Fuorisalone, is the outdoor collection of the brand: lamps made of materials suitable for the outdoor use, designed to reproduce the same warmth and light atmospheres of interior lighting. Protagonists of this collection are the innovative outdoor lamps SyphaseraSyphaduepassi and More

Catellani & Smith official dealer

The official Catellani & Smith showroom in Milan is placed in the Salvioni Milano Durini store. The store, with an exhibition area of over 1,100 square meters, houses the entire catalog of the brand, as well as several variations and unique pieces designed by Enzo Catellani specifically for this space. The lighting is contextualized in an environment with a domestic flavor,  with a layout that develops on six floors between fully furnished apartments and internal terraces.