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Salvioni is Citterio official dealer

Citterio is one of the leading European companies in the field of mobile office walls. Innovation, flexibility and attention to detail are the main guidelines of the brand, which can also count on all the know-how deriving from being an integral part of the Molteni Group, one of the most important companies in the world in the field of furniture for the office and home. In addition to the classic glass office partitions, Citterio offers modular systems and cabinets designed to meet all the needs of the workplace, along with desks and workstations for operational and executive offices.

Citterio mobile walls

The company was founded in the ‘60s in the province of Lecco and entered the Molteni group at the end of the decade, thus finding ways to participate in important international projects involving high-level architects from around the world. The Citterio dividing walls immediately constituted a new quality standard for the sector, continually perfected by the tension towards innovation that permeates the company.

The Citterio catalog contains various types of partition walls, such as the traditional Basic and Sealed models, but also solutions for specific and sectoral needs such as the complete CSS system of acoustic insulation, movable walls, sliding doors and everything needed to functionally distribute large open space.

Citterio design

Citterio products can boast a quality of design with few comparisons in the industry, fusing the maximum functionality with impeccable aesthetics. The main designers of Citterio are Pinuccio Borgonovo and the duo Franco Mirenzi & Vittorio Parigi, who sign most of the partitions, office wardrobes, worktops and other modular solutions in the catalog. They are flanked by designers such as Marco Acerbis, Mario Ruiz and Francesco Bettoni.

Citterio official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official dealer of Citterio. The Salvioni group showrooms are located in Milan, Lugano and Brianza and host a team of designers and interior designers with international experience, both for domestic projects and in the office and large work environments.