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Salvioni is Clei official dealer

“Multipliers of space”: this is how Clei likes to define its products, unique on the market for versatility. Thanks to ingenious design solutions, Clei’s transformable furniture allows realizing multi-functional environments, able to change face during the day depending on the different needs of those who live there. Clei’s secret lies in innate creativity and constant technological research that culminates in the creation of exclusive patents: all Clei systems are unequaled in terms of safety, functionality and ease of use.

Clei furnishings

Clei company was founded by the Colombo family in 1962 in Carugo. Its flexible and multifunctional furnishings are initially designed for holiday homes or for naturally restricted rooms such as bedroom sets for children, but the changing of living habits makes them perfect also to optimize the condensed spaces of city homes with their limited size.

Clei transformable

Thanks to Clei the same area can become many rooms in one. The living room can quickly turn into a night area, with foldaway beds that can be hidden in the wall, like the system Penelope 2, or above a comfortable corner sofa, like the model Swing. Thanks to a complete modularity, everything can be integrated with cabinets and bookcases and the hidden bed can reveal shelves, tables, sofas or desks.

The models of the Young System line are ideal for children’s bedrooms, including the Kali Duo system, in which the wall can even hide a bunk bed. Another innovative idea is the Wally system, a wall container that integrates a table with a folding opening. In the Clei catalog, there is even a hidden kitchen: the Kitchen Box model.

Clei official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official dealer of Clei. With its showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, in the province of Como, Salvioni proposes itself as an international reference point for the interior design sector. The Salvioni designers are at the complete disposal of the customer to guide him in the creation of practical and multi-functional spaces that take full advantage of the vast potential of the Clei catalog.