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De Castelli official dealer

Main protagonist of the production De Castelli is the metal, in every use and finish. In De Castelli company the potentials of the design  mix with a sapient artisan experience  handed down from generations, which means that every item is unique and special in its own way. De Castelli loves defining itself a company of a “Hard Couture”: as an high tailor’s shop with its fabrics, in de Castelli the metal is coloured by thousands of aspect, enhanced by always new and new productions that manage to extract all the potential of the material making it rising as a real protagonist of interior design projects, as furniture, architectural upholsteries or exquisite complements.

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Versions De Castelli Existence Bookshelf

De Castelli Existence Bookshelf De Castelli Existence Bookshelf Michele De Lucchi 

Versions De Castelli Marea Sideboard

De Castelli Marea Sideboard De Castelli Marea Sideboard Zanellato/Bortotto 

Versions De Castelli Pensando ad Acapulco Armchair

De Castelli Pensando ad Acapulco Armchair De Castelli Pensando ad Acapulco Armchair Ivdesign 

Versions De Castelli Placas Coffee Table

De Castelli Placas Coffee Table De Castelli Placas Coffee Table LucidiPevere 

Versions De Castelli Polifemo Sideboard

De Castelli Polifemo Sideboard De Castelli Polifemo Sideboard Elena Salmistraro 

Versions De Castelli Roma Table

De Castelli Roma Table De Castelli Roma Table Minelli Fossati 

Versions De Castelli Sunrise & Sunset Coffee Table

De Castelli Sunrise & Sunset Coffee Table De Castelli Sunrise & Sunset Coffee Table Artefatto Design Studio 

Versions De Castelli Yoroi Sideboard

De Castelli Yoroi Sideboard De Castelli Yoroi Sideboard Alessandro Masturzo 

De Castelli Furniture

De Castelli has its headquarters in the Trevisan province and has its roots in the tradition of  family expert from generations in the manufacturing of metal. From the brass to the copper, from the iron to the steel: every materials processed by De Castelli manage to assume a new and never common guise without equals on the market, that gives better value the respective characteristics. The material is followed by the shape, with collections of surprising furniture such as the sideboard Yoroi of Alessandro Masturzo and the library Existence of Michele De Lucchi.

The De Castelli vases collections are also very appreciated, often realized in cor-ten to make them suitable to the outdoor uses.  Another company speciality is surface coverings, which creatively use every possible technique – from the oxidation of the texture, from the incisions to the erosions- to take advantage of the strong spectacular value of the metal. Well-known for example the leaves of the Vertical Green covering, really coloured and of strong expressiveness

De Castelli Design

The mastery in the production of the material is only one of the reasons of De Castelli’s success.  The “able to do” is vacuous, if you don’t match it with a correct planning vision: that’s why De Castelli draws inspiration from the collaboration with some of the best contemporary designers, such as Aldo Cibic, Elena Salmistraro, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Johannes Klein Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Michele De Lucchi and the studio Lucidi Pevere.

De Castelli official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions in De Castelli official dealer.  Salvioni’s showrooms, with showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, hold an expert interior designer team ready to occupy of any aspect of the planning, from the furniture to the covering for walls and surfaces, without disregarding complements and objects.