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In the furniture signed e15, the solidity and warmth of traditional solid wood  melt the solid rigor of German design typical forms, in a modern and effective combination that gives new life to the oldest of furnishing materials. The essential nature close to the minimalism of its products  accompanies a strong vocation to eco-sustainability that permeates all production processes. Among tables, coffee tables, chairs and stools, the dining area furniture plays an important part in the e15 catalog, but it is also completed by a wide selection of storage units, beds, lamps and accessories.

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Versions E15 Backenzahn Coffee Table

E15 Backenzahn Coffee Table

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€ 897,00

E15 Backenzahn Coffee Table E15 Backenzahn Coffee Table Philipp Mainzer 

Price starting from
€ 897,00

E15 furniture

The company’s history began in 1994, when it was founded in London by the German architect Philipp Mainzer, who chose the particular name taking up the postal code of the district where the first laboratory was located. The first products, designed by Mainzer himself, reveal to the world a new way of conceiving the design of wood, far from any decorative yet elegant elegance. Products like the Bigfoot table and the Backenzahn stool, designed by Mainzer himself, are now considered true classics.

In 1997 e15 moved its headquarters to Germany, beginning to gradually expand the production and to introduce new materials and designers, up to receiving several awards for furniture such as the Seam One lamp by Mark Holmes, the Houdini chair by Stefan Diez , the Enoki coffee table by Philipp Mainzer and the Arie bookcase by Arik Levy. These are flanked by a wide range of tables, the brand’s core business, such as the Platz models by Jörg Schellmann and Kazimir by Philipp Maizner.

E15 design

The characteristic style of modern e15 wood furniture is closely linked to that of its founder Philipp Mainzer, author of some of the company’s most famous pieces. The artistic direction of the brand is entrusted to Farah Ebrahimi, who harmonises in a coherent collection the contributions of international designers such as David Chipperfield, Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik. A special line is dedicated to the re-editions of Ferdinand Kramer, master of German minimalism.

E15 official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is e15 official dealer. With its stores in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo, the Salvioni showroom network is a reference point for the world of design, offering all the big names of Made in Italy alongside a selection of the most interesting brands of the international field.