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Salvioni is Gandia Blasco official dealer

Among the most renowned Spanish outdoor furniture companies, Gandia Blasco is a family business with over 75 years of history. To a historical textile manufacturing activity it has added more recently many successful outdoor furniture collection, which has now become its core business, with furniture with light and minimalist shapes, dominated by white hues and shaded colors. In parallel, the company has not denied its origins and has given life to the Gan brand, dedicated to indoor carpets decorated with bright colors and rich geometric patterns.

Gandia Blasco outdoor

Gandia Blasco was born in Valencia in 1941, founded by the homonymous family. It dedicated the first part of its history to the production of fabrics and blankets. The real turning point in his activity came in the ‘80s with the management of the talented José Antonio Gandía-Blasco, who gave life first to a successful collection of design rugs and then move around in the outdoor furniture world.

The new company was born almost by chance: in the realization of his summer house of Ibiza, José  realized the difficulties to find furnitures for outdoor environments on the market perfectly integrated with the architectural spaces. Progressively he became passionate about the design of furniture. The Na Xemena collection, signed by the architect Ramón Esteve, was born from this experience, before a long series that will bring the company to international success.

Today, Gandia Blasco’s outdoor catalog includes today all the essential products for living outdoor spaces in complete comfort: sofas, cribs, tables, chairs, tables and accessories of all kinds, including furnishings that are small architectures such as the sofa-gazebo model Pergolato Sofa or the swing Nao-Nao. Collections such as the Stack series by Borja Garcia and the Flat line by Mario Ruiz are already real classics of garden furniture.

The Gan brand was born in 2004 proposing itself as a continuation of the historic line of Gandia Blasco rugs. Gan rugs are made in India, hand-woven by expert craftsmen using natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, jute and wool. The artistic direction of the brand is in the hands of Mapi Millet, according to whose philosophy a carpet must not only be a complement to an environment, but must contribute itself to shaping an architecture. This is why the Gan rugs do not leave indifferent: their colorful style immediately strikes the eye and the mind.

Gandia Blasco design


The artistic direction of Gandia Blasco is firmly in the hands of José Antonio Gandía-Blasco, who has designed many of the products in the catalog and coordinates the other designers who contributed to the collection. These include major international design stars, such as the Japanese Nendo and the duo Neri & Hu, but also many young Spanish designers such as Fran Silvestre, Borja Garcia and Héctor Serrano. Instead, they created rugs for Gan names such as Patricia Urquiola, Front and Kensaku Oshiro.

Gandia Blasco official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official dealer Gandia Blasco and Gan. Milan, Lugano and Inverigo are the cities where the Salvioni group’s showrooms are located, which however has a strong international vocation. The interior designers Salvioni have realized complete housing projects all over the world and the company logistics is able to guarantee transport and assembly in every country.