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Salvioni is Giorgetti official dealer

Giorgetti’s story is indissolubly tied to the historical and economic evolution of Meda, a thriving town of Brianza’s district in the north of Milan, where in 1898 Luigi Giorgetti founded his workshop for the production of classic-style furniture. Giorgetti started to produce semi-finished carved products for lounges, living area chairs and tables for many prestigious families in Milan characterized by a well-refined and demanding taste. The company’s production was able to compete with the French market for quality manufacturing and wood variety.

Giorgetti furnishings

At the beginning of ‘60s, the first iconic collections of the brand born. The introduction of new machinery due to the progressive industrialization process of the factory, allowed the company to propose the Gazebo and Gallery series. The skill of Giorgetti’s artisans in solid wood’s processing gave birth to the Progetti collection, designed by the new design director Carlo Giorgetti.

In addition to precious examples of high cabinet making such as armchairs, chairs and high-class sofas, the company has expanded the proposal for indoor decoration with office and bedroom furnishings solutions. Among the Giorgetti beds, the Pegaso by  Roberto Lazzeroni and the Altea, signed by Carlo Colombo stand out. Worthy of mention is also the Oli system of Chi Wing Lo.

Giorgetti design

Over the years, Giorgetti has enriched its furnitures catalog thanks to many collaborations with designers and artists who, alongside the Research & study Center, have created exclusive and timeless products. In addition to the previously mentioned Chi Wing Lo, we recall Massimo Scolari, Massimo Castagna and Carlo Colombo author of the Aton, Urban and Ago sofas. Carlo Colombo signed also the Frame series and the iconic Swing armchair.

Giorgetti official dealer

Thanks to the well-established and lasting partnership with the brand, Salvioni is able to offer a wide range of Giorgetti’s products in the showrooms of Inverigo and Lugano. Salvioni also provides a team of interior designer to accompany the customer in the atmospheric mood of the brand in the exclusive Atelier Giorgetti in Milan and in the Giorgetti showroom in Meda.