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Salvioni is Gloster official dealer

The history of Gloster was born in 1960 in Africa and is closely linked to the art of working natural teak, a particular type of wood originally present in only four countries in the world: Burma, Laos, Thailand and India. Today the growing diffusion of teak plantations has made it possible to exploit its peculiar properties of resistance, flexibility and malleability which make it perfect for the creation of interior and exterior furnishings, capable of adapting to different environments and the most difficult climatic conditions. Gloster is now famous for its outdoor collections, capable of communicating an elegant style with attention to detail.

Gloster outdoor furniture

The Gloster collections include numerous products for the outdoor environment, designed to furnish more or less open spaces such as poolsides, terraces, gardens, solariums and much more. Peculiar is the use of teak and other natural fibers to create strong structures resistant to any weather condition. The brand’s collections include numerous sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, chairs, tables and coffee tables, lamps and numerous accessories. The finishes and colors used create a wonderful mix of freshness and naturalness, ideal for those who want to furnish outside the box.

Gloster design

Gloster’s strength lies not only in the artisan quality that distinguishes it, but also in the multiple and continuous collaborations with international designers whose contribution allows us to create unique works every day. Among the many names present in the Gloster catalogue, we mention Henrik Pedersen, Mark Gabbertas, Povl Eskildsen, Cecilie Manz, Chris Panichella, Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana. Note of prestige is the close collaboration with Sebastian Herkner, author of the Fern armchairs and numerous outdoor lamps.

Gloser official dealer

Salvioni and Gloster collaborate to offer their customers the best of international design with outstanding pieces and elements capable of adapting to any context. Gloster’s outdoor proposals offer a unique solution for projects with great personality, where it is necessary to include elements of extreme beauty and compositional elegance.