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HB Hedwig Bollhagen

Salvioni is HB Hedwig Bollhagen official dealer

The company was founded in 1934 thanks to the creative drive of its founder, Hedwig Boolhagen, a talented ceramist who had long since begun to amaze fans of the sector with her skill and wise aesthetic intuition. The company grows and develops, later specializing in the creation of objects for the home, essential elements for everyday use redesigned to also be beautiful to look at. Success, however, leads the company to expand, reaching over the years to experiment with unique solutions also for decorations, lighting and different tools.

HB Hedwig Bollhagen objects

HB Bollhagen’s strength lies in the fine art of ceramic manufacturing using traditional methods. Decorations and designs are made rigidly according to standards of excellence in order to create an organic whole of great depth. Each object represents and embodies the aesthetic ideal of the founder, declined according to more or less modern standards. It is important to remember that the company’s style is inspired by the Bauhaus current to create its own collections in limited series, recognizable everywhere for their essential cut.

HB Hedwig Bollhagen design

HB Bollhagen has been able to build over time also thanks to the successful collaborations of world renown such as Carlo Crodel, Frauke Gerhard, Heidi Manthey, Nora Cuore, Theodore Bolger, Waerner Burri and many others. Everyone has been able to give their contribution to the company, increasing the vast catalog of ideas and inspirations that are always in step with the times, beautiful to look at and above all to use. Each element is presented in a dual guise, both functional and aesthetic, as a purely furnishing object and an everyday complement, perfectly usable according to needs.

HB Hedwig Bollhagen official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and HB Hedwig Bollhagen collaborate to offer their customers the best design ceramics, created in compliance with high quality standards and strong stylistic rigor. Numerous catalog items are available in the showrooms of Como, Milan and Lugano, which can be viewed and purchased directly to enrich the furniture of your home.