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Salvioni is Lladrò official dealer

An iconic brand from Spain, today a world leader in the production and distribution of artistic porcelain creations. Lladrò’s design is unmistakable, and denoted by an attention to detail combined with a supreme kindness of shapes that defines each piece, making it one of a kind. This brand specializes in the production of porcelain objects and sculptures, but also ranges in the creation of jewellery, perfumes and lighting for the home, in order to create environments of great beauty and aesthetic refinement.

Lladrò objects

The history of Lladrò began in 1953 at Almàssera, where the brand started the first courses, vases and ceramic figurines whose design was inspired by the works of the great European producers of Meissen, Sèveres and Capodimonte. Over time, Lladrò’s style becomes increasingly defined and distinctive, evident in the elongated lines and dynamism of each work, capable of even defying the laws of gravity. Lladrò is responsible for the introduction of the revolutionary single firing method, which soon replaced the traditional triple firing. At the same time, the brand’s peculiar taste for pastel tones was affirmed, the ideal crowning of the sweetness of each work.

Lladrò lighting

The 70s decreed the worldwide success of Lladrò and the introduction of lines focused on the processing of stoneware, a new material capable of opening up a whole world of expressive possibilities. The peculiar resistance and the range of new nuances of stoneware further expand the creative lines of Lladrò, allowing the creation of famous collections such as Sculture, Caprices or Goyescas. The catalog also expands thanks to the union of opaque white porcelain pieces with dynamic and expressive pieces decorated with bright colors. A strong contribution to the wealth of Lladrò has also been made by the collaboration with successful designers such as Jaime Hayon, Bodo Sperlein and Culdesac. Last step, in 2010 the brand also introduces a session dedicated to lighting thanks to the collaboration with Paul Smith, Rolito and Gary Baseman.

Lladrò official dealer

Salvioni and Lladrò work together to offer their customers a choice of great quality as regards objects and ornaments. Small sculptures and large manifestations of artistic research find their place in the exhibition spaces of Milan, Como and Lugano, alongside major international design brands.