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Salvioni is Luceplan official dealer

Light and technology go hand in hand in the projects of Luceplan, a company born under the sign of innovation. Preceded by years of experimentation and research before been launched on the market, Luceplan lamps have a high-tech look and full of ingenious and revolutionary ideas. An emblematic example is the famous Costanza lamp, in which a simple touch of the dimmer – consisting of a thin bar next to the speaker – is sufficient to allow the device to switch on. Its relentless pursuit of the new has earned Luceplan the victory of seven Golden Compasses.

Luceplan lamps

The high-level design is in the DNA of Luceplan, as evidenced by the profiles of the founders: Riccardo Sarfatti, son of the lighting legend Gino Sarfatti, his wife Sandra Severi and the famous designer Paolo Rizzatto. Rizzatto is the author of some of the most popular Luceplan lamps, such as the Lola floor lamp or the sparkling Hope lamp, designed in collaboration with Francisco Gomez Paz.

In 1984, another great designer joined the group of founders, Alberto Meda, author in collaboration with Rizzatto, of products such as the Titania suspension lamp and the Fortebraccio desk lamp. Over the years, the Luceplan catalog has been enriched with new proposals that range in all fields of lighting: table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lamps, outdoor lamps and much more.

This is how surprising and unusual products are created, such as the Blow chandelier-fan by Ferdi Giardini, which emits white light and refreshes the environment, minimalist and essentials lamps such as Daniel Rybakken’s Compendium and Counterbalance lamps or products with a spectacular impact like the Mesh chandelier of Francisco Gomez Paz. In 2010 the company was bought by the Philips group, which supported its internationalization with the opening of monobrand showrooms in Milan, New York and Paris.

Luceplan design

In the early years of Luceplan’s life, Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda, both partners of the company, designed all the products in the catalog. Afterwards there was an openness to several new designers, both young and established, and were promoted many collaborations with internationally renowned designers such as Sebastian Bergne, author of the Curl table lamp, Alfredo Häberli, Ross Lovegrove, Monica Armani and Odile Decq.

Luceplan official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Luceplan dealer. Many Luceplan lamps are available at the Salvioni showrooms of Lugano and Inverigo, where the client can also find a team of specialized and competent interior designers at a complete disposal for the realization of his home.