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Salvioni is Menu Space official dealer

Menu was founded in 1976 in Denmark as a company dedicated to the production of accessories and design objects. The minimal style and formal essentialism of its production immediately placed it among the successful companies in the sector, contributing to the spread of the brand among lovers of the genre. Backed by feedback, Menu Space has implemented over time the production of interior furnishing and ambient lighting, giving life to its own design style made up of simple lines, elementary shapes and extreme contemporary taste.

Menu furniture

In the production of accessories, Menu stands out for many of its iconic objects such as the Pepe Marble Mirror designed by StudioPepe whose inspiration comes from the great masters of the past such as Caccia Dominioni and Gio Ponti. Many other Menu accessories known around the world are the Afteroom coat hanger, the Monument magazine rack, the Echasse vase and the FUWL mirror. For each, the cleanliness of the design, made of simplicity and formal harmony, amazes.

The variety of the company’s proposals also ranges in lighting furniture, translating into table, wall, floor and suspension lamps. To name the most famous, we remember the JWDA Concrete Table Lamp and the Carrie LED Table Lamp for the simple and elegant shapes, the Low Plinth, the TR Bulb Frame and the Cast Pendant Light for the masterful use of materials combined with an innovative design, the Tribeca Series, the Peek Floor Lamp and the Phare Led Table Lamp for the multifaceted ability to remodel styles and models to the different needs of the home. Here, too, the unmistakable Menu style gives life to unique pieces, rich in suggestions and lucid harmonic aspiration.

No less fascinating is the furniture catalog of Menu, whose expressive beauty is realized in simple and linear figures capable of giving unexpected compositional genius and unique cuts of their kind. Examples are the Androgyne table, an essential expression of contemporary design, the Afteroom and Harbor chairs, pure incarnations of aesthetics and functionality, as well as the numerous upholstered sofas such as the Eave, Tearoom and Offset sofas.

Menu designers

The great fortune of Menu also originates from the solid collaborations with talented designers who over the years have allowed the company to structure its own unique and peculiar style, an unmistakable international trademark. Among the best known names are Afteroom Studio, Studiopepe, Tim Rundle and Arthur Umanoff. No less important are the other collaborations with Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy, Rui Alves, Note Design Studio, Norm Architects, Nina Bruun, Jonas Wagell, Gabriel Tan and many more. To each one the merit of having enriched the company with an ever new spirit and imagination.

Menu official dealer

With the addition of the Menu company in the catalog of its brands, Salvioni Design Solutions increases its selection of a very precious range of products made with contemporary taste, capable of adapting to any room of the house thanks to the simplicity and extreme refinement of the shapes. An alternative choice that does not disdain the style and quality of the best brands in the industry. Inside the Salvioni showrooms in Milan, Inverigo and Lugano, a team of experts will be able to support the customer in the choice of novelties and icons of the brand.