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Salvioni is Meritalia official dealer

Joy, color and lots of imagination, combined with a design of the highest level: these are the ingredients that make Meritalia a unique brand in the world of Italian furniture. Meritalia creations are unusual furniture that take advantage of the creativity of some of the greatest designers from all over the world, coming to connote themselves as real objects of art, with a strong and uncompromising aesthetic able to resist the passing of fashions. A significant role in the history of the brand plays in particular the collaboration with the eclectic Gaetano Pesce, whose resin creations have been dedicated the line “Edizioni del Pesce”.

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Versions Meritalia La Michetta Sofa

Meritalia La Michetta Sofa Meritalia La Michetta Sofa Gaetano Pesce 

Versions Meritalia Nubola Armchair

Meritalia Nubola Armchair Meritalia Nubola Armchair Gaetano Pesce 

Versions Meritalia Nubola Sofa

Meritalia Nubola Sofa Meritalia Nubola Sofa Gaetano Pesce 

Versions Meritalia Senzafine Armchair

Meritalia Senzafine Armchair Meritalia Senzafine Armchair Gaetano Pesce 

Versions Meritalia Shadow Armchair

Meritalia Shadow Armchair Meritalia Shadow Armchair Gaetano Pesce 

Versions Meritalia Snake Coffee Table

Meritalia Snake Coffee Table Meritalia Snake Coffee Table Carlo Contin 

Meritalia furnitures

Meritalia was founded in 1987 by Giulio Meroni, historical manager who has contributed to making famous the B&B Italia company. Starting from a solid and organized production reality in which both metals and woods are worked internally in cutting-edge plants, the company can provide the prestigious designers with whom it collaborates the opportunity to fully develop its stylistic figure by measuring itself with every type of furniture: sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, tables and accessories.

Among the Meritalia sofas, a prominent role is played by the colorful Michetta by Gaetano Pesce, flanked by products such as the destructured Shadow armchair by the same author and the Giacomino series by Afra and Tobia Scarpa. Parallel to its collections dedicated to the public, Meritalia carries on an important activity on contract projects all over the world, from London to New York, from Russia to Brunei.

Meritalia design

Meritalia is known throughout the world for high-level collaborations that it has been able to establish with important designers: they have worked with the company names such as Mario Bellini, Karim Rashid, Marc Newson, Fabio Novembre, Alessandro Mendini, Toshiyuki Kita and Giulio Iacchetti. Another exclusive collaboration is with Lapo Elkann, who has created a collection of furnishings inspired by the iconic design of the Fiat 500. The Meritalia catalog re-releases the masters of the past such as Carlo Scarpa and Achille Castiglioni.

Meritalia official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Meritalia dealer. The Salvioni group has a network of showrooms located between Lombardia and the Canon Ticino, with offices in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo. In addition to a complete interior design service, Salvioni can also offer furniture delivery and assembly all over the world, as part of a “turnkey” project in which the client’s needs are at the center of everything.