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Salvioni is Movi official dealer

MOVI has left its mark on the history of design, presenting itself as one of the first Italian producers of sliding doors and panels, conceived according to avant-garde engineering solutions. Even today, the MOVI doors remain synonymous of quality in all respects, with particular attention to movements: whether they are sliding, folding, open and close like a book or wall-mounted, every technical detail of the MOVI doors is carefully studied to achieve maximum functionality. Another great strength of the company is its great production flexibility, which means that each MOVI door is a unique piece, tailor-made for the architectural space that will host it with the possibility of total personalization.

Movi doors

MOVI was born in Brianza in the ’70s by the Viganò family. Specialized initially in the furnishing accessory, MOVI focuses on the production of doors and walk-in closets, under the artistic direction of Lino Viganò. The doors of the MOVI catalog meet all the design requirements that can arise in a modern home, maintaining a modern and attractive design appearance.

Customized doors

Strong focus point of MOVI has always been the possibility of infinite customization of its products. The MOVI doors are not produced in series, but are handcrafted one by one and designed each as a unique example. The customer has full control over the aesthetics of the product, being able to choose any RAL color for painting without any addition to standard or minimum order quantity.

Movi official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official MOVI dealer. The Salvioni group showrooms are located between Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and are characterized by complete attention to interior design in all its aspects. The Salvioni designers plan every room with the utmost care, thus choosing doors that coexist harmoniously with the rest of the interior of the house.