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NasonMoretti official dealer

NasonMoretti is one of the finest Murano glassworks, as well as one of the first to distance itself from the classic baroque forms that have always characterized Venetian blown glass to approach a production more in line with the world of design, sensitive to Scandinavian renewal influences. The heart of NasonMoretti’s production are its precious goblets and glasses, precious creations in a glass renowned for its bright colors and its nuances. The NasonMoretti catalog is completed by vases, jugs, table lamps and chandeliers, all made in the characteristic style of the brand with bright tones.

NasonMoretti glasses

The NasonMoretti glass factory was founded in the 1920s by the union of two important families of glassmakers, and immediately established itself as one of the main names in the field of the Venetian table art, setting the tables of the most prestigious families. International fame arrived in the 1950s and consolidated with the victory of the Compasso d’Oro in 1955, obtained from Umberto Nason’s Lidia cups with their minimalist shapes.

Experimental vocation and traditional craftsmanship have continued to remain over the years the guidelines of the NasonMoretti production, leading it to establish itself as a luxury brand also enhanced by the collaboration with important fashion houses such as Armani and Hermès, with fine restaurants like the one of Gualtiero Marchesi, up to the supply of glasses for the Quirinale.

NasonMoretti design

NasonMoretti production is essentially divided into two lines: a more classic and refined one, linked to tradition, and a more contemporary one, entrusted to top designers such as Giulio Iacchetti, Sergio Asti, Elena Salmistraro, Luca Nichetto and the Russian Lera Moiseeva. Among the Nason Moretti vases, the Bolle model is now particularly famous, with its characteristic elongated neck, and the Antares vase with its harmonious shapes.

NasonMoretti official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is NasonMoretti official dealer. The Salvioni group showrooms are based in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and are dedicated to interior design approached with a 360 ° approach, which involves both furniture and decoration and aims to create a harmonious and coordinated environment in all its aspects, including the table and its fittings. All drawing only on the best Italian and international design brands.