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Salvioni is Nomon official dealer

The design Nomon clocks has a peculiar and unique touch, from the clear scenic presence and big decorative value, as to strongly characterize every room where they will be placed. The company is spanish and has got his headquarters in Barcelona, from where it takes part to the big creative ferments of the lively scene of Catalan design. With Nomon the clock is unbound from its pure function to become a real wall sculpture, able to catalyse the attention as well as integrating harmoniously itself in the spaces where it is placed.

Nomon clocks

Thanks to the experience of more than 60 years of activity, Nomon can commend a know how with few equals in the wall clocks sector. Nomon’s catalogue shows a big stylistic variety: in the section dedicated to the Aros, clocks characterized by a circle metal ring, stand out for example the minimalist shapes of models such as the Barcelona and Bilbao. Even more essential are the models of the collection Senales Horarios, where the hands converse only with twelve small symbols on the wall.

A collection is dedicated then to modern re-visitation of the classic pendulum clock, such as the models Péndulo and Punto y Coma.  In the last years the company has launched the collection Nomon Home too, where the traditional wooden finishings used for the clocks are attached to furniture complements too such as coat hangers, small tables and small consoles, still in the sign of an unique and coherent stylistic universe.

Nomon design

Real father of the unmistakable Nomon style has been Josè Marìa Reina, brand’s creative director for long years. Reina has been one of the big protagonist of the rebirth of the Catalan design and with Nomon managed to re-invent completely a type ignored for long from the design such as the indoor clocks one. The line Nomon Home holds instead the contribution of Andrés Martinez and Stefano Bigi.

Nomon official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Nomon dealer. In its showroom in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo Salvioni holds the best of the Italian and worldwide design, with a precise selection of interesting new from all the world. Salvioni’s interior designer are occupied with every project in its entirety, curating not only the space management and the furniture choice, but the styling and the decoration too.