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Salvioni is Paola C official dealer

Paola C is one of the most interesting Italian brands in the field of objects. Soft and harmonious lines, evocative and often ironic shapes: these are the salient features of Paola C collection, which can count on a parterre of top-level designers such as Aldo Cibic, the historic art director of the brand, or the Spanish Jaime Hayon. The various creative contributions give life to a large selection of objects for the dining area and the whole house, from the vases to the glasses, from the centerpieces to the risers. A peculiarity of Paola C is the format of the “storie“: capsule collections created by top designers who reinterpret the style of the brand in a personal way, presented at the rate of one a year

Paola C accessories

The brand was born in 2000 from the encounter between Paola Coin, heir to the historic industrial dynasty, and the designer Aldo Cibic, a disciple of Ettore Sottsass. Their purpose was immediately to revolutionize the idea of art de la table, presented in a very personal version characterized by timeless elegance. Some of the brand’s most iconic products bear the Cibic signature, such as the Dino centerpiece and the Goose and Piggy decanters.

Paola C Designers

Under the supervision of art director Aldo Cibic, several other well-known designer stars have been involved in creating collections for Paola C, such as Jaime Hayon, author of the Colosseum centerpiece and the Titus vase series, Elisa Ossino, with her series Lunar Landscape, Cristina Celestino, Neri & Hu, Chiara Andreatti and Afroditi Krassa.

Paola C official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official dealer of Paola C. The showrooms of the Salvioni network located in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo can offer a 360-degree vision of interior design, in which furnishings, accessories, wall coverings and even simple objects contribute to the creation of harmonious and coordinated environments.