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Paola Lenti

Salvioni is Paola Lenti official dealer

The absolute protagonist of Paola Lenti furnishings is color, in all its nuances, both for outdoor and indoor collections. Faded pastel tones or bright colors, the shades proposed by Paola Lenti are always unique: thanks to the constant research of the brand on yarns and textures and the personal and profound aesthetic sensibility. The attention paid to the choice of colors and the variety of fabrics are linked to harmonious and balanced shapes of the seats: essential shapes, which can also be found in indoor and outdoor rugs. This synergy of hardly imitable elements makes Paola Lenti a truly unique brand in the contemporary design scene.


Paola Lenti furniture

The company, founded in 1994, has been dedicated since 2000 to furnitures and outdoor structures in all their forms: sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, tables, chairs, poufs, umbrellas and shady structures of different nature. In this sector where the needs of the customers are always particolar and  personalized, Paola Lenti immediately proved to be an avant-garde industry, patenting exclusive yarns, resistant to atmospheric agents, UV rays, sea water and swimming pools.

Also known and appreciated are the indoor and outdoor rugs, made in an infinite variety of shapes and with the most different materials, but always made unique by the sartorial touch of the company. More recent are the collections designed for interiors, characterized by modern and comfortable upholstered furniture, covered in many exclusive fabrics. Many products of Paola Lenti have won international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

Paola Lenti Design

The catalogs offers products signed by the company and products designed and projected by numerous international designers in collaboration with the Paola Lenti Research and Development department. Particularly relevant is the work of Francesco Rota, who created, among others, the series Ami and Float, but equally interesting are the results of the collaboration with Vincent Van Duysen, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Marella Ferrara, Victor Carrasco and Patricia Urquiola .

Paola Lenti official dealer

Salvioni is one of the official Paola Lenti dealers and exhibits several brand products in its spaces of Milan, Inverigo and Lugano. Our interior designers are always available to guide our cusomers in the choice of the thousand variables of Paola Lenti catalogs and to accompany them to visit the welcoming brand showroom, a few kilometers away from our headquarters.


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