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Salvioni is Porada official dealer

For generations known as refined cabinet making, Porada binds its fame to woodworking. Its processing material is solid wood, modeled with rare craftsmanship in complex and imaginative shapes, to form real wooden sculptures. Starting from this material, the wide catalog of the company ranges in all the different categories of furniture: sofas, tables, bookcases, sideboards, beds and much more. A wide selection of essences, based on the variations of walnut, ashwood and oak, are flanked by other precious materials such as marble, metals, leather and fabrics.

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Versions Porada Ekero Mirror

Porada Ekero Mirror Porada Ekero Mirror Filippo Castellani, Staffan Tollgard 

Versions Porada Ester Chair

Porada Ester Chair Porada Ester Chair Stefano Bigi 
Porada Infinity Table Porada Infinity Table Stefano Bigi 

Versions Porada Maskara Vanity

Porada Maskara Vanity Porada Maskara Vanity Emmanuel Gallina 

Versions Porada Nyan Bed

Porada Nyan Bed Porada Nyan Bed Gabriele & Oscar Buratti 

Versions Porada Saffo Desk

Porada Saffo Desk Porada Saffo Desk Carlo Ballabio 

Versions Porada Softbay Armchair

Porada Softbay Armchair Porada Softbay Armchair Giuseppe Viganò 

Versions Porada Thayl Table

Porada Thayl Table Porada Thayl Table Gabriele & Oscar Buratti 

Versions Porada Torii Stool

Porada Torii Stool Porada Torii Stool Gino Carollo 

Porada furniture

The company was born in Brianza from the activity of Luigi Allievi, since 1948 devoted to the production of chairs. The quality of the workmanship has always characterized all the different aspects of his production. First of all the tables, where the wood of the base takes on bold and elegant shapes, like the Infinity and Elika models, or sober and solid like the Kevin table. The same taste in balance between modernity and tradition characterizes also the sofas, including the Kirk and Arena models.

The treatment of wood is peculiar in the more complex articles, such as bookcases, wall units and TV stands. There is also a wide choice for the sleeping area with beds, bedside tables, drawers and accessories for the most specific needs, such as the Maskara coiffeuse or the Flamingo hanger. In recent years, the company has experienced a strong international expansion, culminating with several contract projects for the furniture of prestigious luxury hotels.

Porada Design

Porada has chosen to rely mainly on Italian designers, with a strong knowledge of all the production processes and craftsmanship procedures that characterize the company. Among them, we can consider Tarcisio Colzani, Giuseppe Viganò, Stefano Bigi, Giovanna Azzarello, Marconato & Zappa, Gino Carollo, Marelli & Molteni and Studio Opera Design.

Porada official dealer

The Salvioni showrooms of Milan and Inverigo host several Porada products, of which the company is official dealer. In addition to a complete planning of the domestic spaces, we also offer the possibility to the customers to visit the Porada company showroom, located in Cabiate, a few kilometers away from Salvioni headquarters.