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Salvioni is Porro official dealer

The company, founded in 1925, today adopts a furnishing philosophy that integrates the traditional craftsmanship of the past with the most advanced modern production technologies. Thanks to the continuous research on materials, Porro is a brand capable of anticipating, year after year, formal, stylistic and technical trends. Born in the cultural epicenter of the interior design furniture production, Porro preserves and promotes its own precious corporate patrimony made of a wide selection of traditional essences and knowledge such as carving, inlay, curved wood that coexist with cutting-edge processing techniques, some of which are patented, at the service of the project customized Porro.

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Versions Porro Air Wardrobe

Porro Air Wardrobe Porro Air Wardrobe Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Balancing Boxes Coffee Table

Porro Balancing Boxes Coffee Table Porro Balancing Boxes Coffee Table Front 

Versions Porro Boutique Mast Bookshelf

Porro Boutique Mast Bookshelf Porro Boutique Mast Bookshelf Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Boutique Mast Walk-in Closet

Porro Boutique Mast Walk-in Closet Porro Boutique Mast Walk-in Closet Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Load-it Bookshelf

Porro Load-it Bookshelf Porro Load-it Bookshelf Wolfgang Tolk 

Versions Porro Metallico Table

Porro Metallico Table Porro Metallico Table Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Modern Sideboard

Porro Modern Sideboard Porro Modern Sideboard Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Modern TV Unit

Porro Modern TV Unit Porro Modern TV Unit Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Neve Chair

Porro Neve Chair Porro Neve Chair Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Romby Chair

Porro Romby Chair Porro Romby Chair GamFratesi 

Versions Porro Storage Walk-in Closet

Porro Storage Walk-in Closet Porro Storage Walk-in Closet Piero Lissoni 

Versions Porro Storage Wardrobe

Porro Storage Wardrobe Porro Storage Wardrobe Piero Lissoni 

Porro furniture

The essential language, the simplification of sign, geometries and shapes are a constant focus point in the research of Porro style that guarantees high quality and durability of the products over time. Porro offers bookcases, containers, chairs, complements and accessories for the living area. Among the wall systems, the System and Modern models offer numerous configurations and variants able to adapt to any need. Very important is the collection of tables, among which the Metallico model by Piero Lissoni stands out.

There is also a wide range of furnishings for the sleeping area, including beds, walk-in closets and accessories. Storage cabinets are one of the fulcrums of Porro collection, characterized by the huge variety of finishes. The wide versatility of the models is also evident in the Mast boutique, suitable for both bedrooms and living areas. The use of evocative materials and tactile elements define the modern home made by Porro through the dialogue bamong glass, wood, metal and marble.

Porro design

With the third generation at the head of the company and the artistic direction of Piero Lissoni, the Porro catalog takes on an articulated configuration that allows maximum design freedom thanks to stylistic harmony and formal coherence. The frequent collaborations with famous designers such as Jean Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet, the Front group, Alessandro Mendini, the Gamfratesi  and Buratti studios have enriched Porro’s range of products with a modern and international design flavour.

Porro official dealer

Porro design furniture are widely present in the Salvioni showrooms of Milan and Inverigo, where the customers can also find deepened design consultancy to make the most of the Porro catalog versatility. The showroom of the Porro company is located a few kilometers from the Salvioni Inverigo headquarters and it is available to let the customers view the entire collection of products in first person.