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Salvioni is Møbler official dealer

PP Møbler is a historic Danish cabinet-making workshop that keeps alive centuries-old craft traditions made of painstaking patience and dedication to detail. Small family-run company, it has dedicated almost all of its production to the realization of the most complex and fascinating projects of the greatest Danish design master, Hans J. Wegner. The result of this ten-year collaboration are some of the most beautiful chairs and armchairs in the world, from the famous Flag Halyard Chair to the immortal Papa Bear Chair, up to the iconic Round Chair, nicknamed by many “The Chair”: “The Chair” par excellence.

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Versions PP Mobler Flag Halyard PP 225 Armchair

PP Mobler Flag Halyard PP 225 Armchair

Price starting from
€ 12.237,00

PP Mobler Flag Halyard PP 225 Armchair PP Mobler Flag Halyard PP 225 Armchair Hans J. Wegner 

Price starting from
€ 12.237,00

PP Møbler furniture

The PP Møbler collections come to life from close collaboration with internationally renowned designers who have contributed to creating unique pieces, each characterized by strong artisan composition and an overall vision aimed at creating unity, harmony and coherence. PP Møbler’s production focuses largely on seating, specifically chairs declined in lounge chairs and armchairs suitable both for the living area and for relaxation areas or convivial environments.

Here we mention the famous pp505, pp58 and pp518 where essence and comfort create a particularly harmonious whole. No less interesting are the pp130 armchairs with the characteristic “peacock tail” backrest or the pp225, a strongly characterized element for the living room that combines fabric, fur and leather of great value.

Among the other proposals of PP Møbler it is interesting to remember the benches, tables, desks, coffee tables and an assortment of accessories and objects for the home, the ideal completion of a style that blends micro and macro, everyday and unusual in a climate that is constantly attentive to shape, texture and elegance.

PP Møbler design

PP Møbler owes its fortune to the collaboration with highly talented designers who over the years have been able to enrich and diversify the company’s catalog proposals. It is impossible not to include Hans J. Wagner who created over 1000 design models that are still considered timeless today. His style perfectly embodies the soul of PP Møbler not only for the artisan research of each model, but also for the aesthetic refinement, the use of materials and the organic nature of the collections.

No less important, however, are the designers Thomas Alken, Søren Ulrik Petersen, Zaiha Hadid and Jørgen Høj, authors of numerous catalog proposals that still contribute to making PP mobler one of the best alternatives for those who love Nordic design.

PP Møbler official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official dealer of PP Møbler. The numerous proposals of the brand are exhibited in the showrooms of Milan, Inverigo and Lugano, inserted in corners specifically designed to enhance each piece, giving each the right stylistic and taste weight.