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Richard Ginori 1735

Salvioni is Richard Ginori 1735 official dealer

Design is not just about furniture and certainly does not come from the twentieth century. A shining example of this assumption is given by the production and history of Richard Ginori 1735, the most important Italian brand in the field of porcelain. Its name is known throughout the world and its history is full of glory: the origins of the company date back to the eighteenth century, with the splendid creations of the Ginori factory in Doccia, near Florence, now disputed by the best museums of the world. The Richard Ginori 1735 porcelains have gone through the centuries without losing the craftsmanship that distinguishes them and the unquestionable charm that surrounds them, bringing to the table a luxury without equal.

Richard Ginori 1735 porcelains

Queen of the “Art de la table” sector, Richard Ginori 1735 offers a production entirely made with top quality porcelains, hand painted by refined craftsmen. Richard Ginori 1735 dishes have a unique touch that makes them unmistakable, starting from the richness of decorations. Even the white dishes of the Museum collection are distinguished from any other similar product, thanks to a cleverly studied shape that emphasizes its elegance.

The Ginori factory was founded in 1735 by the Marquis Carlo Ginori, a fruitful intellectual and prominent political figure of his time. It was immediately mentioned among the most important European porcelain factories, competing with the famous porcelain of Sèvres and those of Meissen. The marquis personally took care of the production and also gave birth to a fruitful line of artistic porcelains and sculptures, in continuity with the Renaissance tradition of Luca Della Robbia.

His heirs continued his activity on the same levels until the end of the nineteenth century, when the factory was purchased by the ceramics company of the Milanese industrialist Augusto Richard, giving life to Richard Ginori 1735 . In the 1920, the artistic direction of Gio Ponti gave great prestige to the company and culminated in the victory of a Grand Prix at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

The company was then the subject of various financial speculations, passing quickly from the hands of Michele Sindona to those of Raffele Ursini and then to Salvatore Ligresti. At the end of this turbulent period it was merged with the company Pozzi, a manufacturer of sanitaryware ceramics, giving life to Pozzi Ginori. Regained its independence, Richard Ginori 1735 was bought in 2013 by the famous Florentine fashion house Gucci, whose artistic director Alessandro Michele has brought the brand back to its former glory.

richard ginori

Richard Ginori 1735 design

The artistic direction of Gio Ponti left an important mark in the style of the fashion house. In fact, it has led the company to make the definitive leap into the world of design, without however abandoning the noble and precious taste that distinguishes it, enriched also with suggestions coming from ancient art and oriental culture. The Labirinto and Aurea collections, with their striking geometric decorations, bear witness to this period.

richard ginori
richard ginori

Richard Ginori 1735 official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official dealer of Richard Ginori 1735 through an exclusive partnership with its Flagship Store in Milan. The Salvioni group has stores in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and promotes a 360 ° design vision, in which every element of the environment is part of a harmonious and coordinated whole, from furnishings to details that are often overlooked, such as table decorations .