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Salvioni is Riflessi official dealer

Riflessi offers modern furniture, richly decorated with elegance flavored of an antique style in line with the latest trends of the design world. Entirely Made in Italy, from the conception of the product to every phase of its realization, Riflessi furniture ranges among tables and chairs, mirrors, consoles, sideboards and lamps. A complete offer that always puts comfort and practicality in the forefront, as well as a marked sensitivity for the use of recyclable and eco-sustainable materials. In addition to traditional glass, Riflessi masters the processing of materials such as metals, stones, woods, leather and velvets.

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Versions Riflessi Cubric Sideboard

Riflessi Cubric Sideboard Riflessi Cubric Sideboard  

Versions Riflessi Madame Mirror

Riflessi Madame Mirror Riflessi Madame Mirror  

Versions Riflessi P300 Extendable Console

Riflessi P300 Extendable Console Riflessi P300 Extendable Console  

Versions Riflessi Portofino Clock

Riflessi Portofino Clock Riflessi Portofino Clock  

Versions Riflessi Roma Clock

Riflessi Roma Clock Riflessi Roma Clock  
Riflessi Shangai Table Riflessi Shangai Table  

Riflessi furniture

Riflessi is based in Ortona, Abruzzo, along the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Typically Mediterranean is also the elegance of its collections, in their extreme versatility: the company offers a wide range of fixed and extendable tables, with wooden or glass top, such as the historic Shanghai table or the modern Pegaso table. Among the chairs stand the Sofia model and the Perla chair, both designed by Stefano Sandonà and Sabrina Bettini and awarded the Good Design Award.

Nomen omen, in the Riflessi collection you cannot miss a varied line of handmade and unique mirrors, like the Mito and Trapezio models. Another strong point of the brand are the consoles, fixed or extendable, ideal to customize and make the entrance of a house more functional: in this sense the P300 extendable console, with its small footprint, is able to transform with a few simple steps in a large dining table.

Riflessi sideboards are also highly appreciated for the refined decorations that embellish the doors, with products such as the Cubric sideboard in which wood and steel are combined harmoniously or the Picasso collection with the great variety of colors and finishes that characterize it. The Riflessi catalog is completed by a wide selection of precious handcrafted lamps such as the Bubble and Led Loop models.

Riflessi design

The focus of Riflessi’s experiments is the internal Research and Development Center, which takes care of the design of most of the products, harmonizing traditional artisan skills with the latest technologies. It is flanked by the work of emerging designers such as Luca Roccadadria, with its mirrors Lumiere and Aqua, Egidio Panzera, author of the Glide table, Alessio Pozzoli and the duo Stefano Sandonà and Sabrina Bettini.

Riflessi official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official Riflessi dealer. The Salvioni group has several offices located between Lombardy and the Canton of Ticino, with stores in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo. The interior designers Salvioni take care of all-round residential projects. Salvioni Logistic is able to manage shipments and assembly all over the world.